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Naidu flags student suicide issue, pitches for mind sport

first_imgNew Delhi, Jan 9 (PTI) Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu today flagged the issue of suicides by students unable to cope with stress, and pitched for memory training which, he said, would make studies a pleasurable experience and not a “stressful nightmare”.He also batted for extending due encouragement to mind sport in the country on the lines of physical sport.”We have been frequently coming across reports of suicides by students, who are unable to cope with stress. I get extremely anguished whenever I read such news reports as all those deaths of youngsters are avoidable…time has come for institutions, governments and the society at large to prevent such suicides,” he said.He said memory training will make “studies a pleasurable experience rather than a stressful nightmare”.”If students can learn and master memory techniques, they can work smarter. This will actually enable students to get better grades and leave them with more time for other extra- curricular activities,” the Vice President said.He made these remarks whileaddressing a delegation of the World Memory Sports Council for India here. The mind sport contingent has returned after bagging the fourth place at the World Memory Championships held last month in Shenzen, China.”No doubt, physical body has its limitations but the mind has unlimited capacity and this has to be tapped to its full potential,” he said.The Vice President said there was a need to move towards analytical and logical thinking skills and not merely focusing on learning and memorising.advertisementNaidu was of the view that there is a need for every Indian to learn these memory techniques and practise memory sports on regular basis to have a healthy state of mind. PTI NAB SMNlast_img read more

Report US Crude Shipments to China Grind to a Halt

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license The ongoing trade tensions between the world’s two super powers, China and the United States, have resulted in the complete freeze of U.S crude oil shipments to China, Reuters reports citing the President of China Merchants Energy Shipping Co (CMES) Xie Chunlin as saying.Speaking at the the sidelines of the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit in Hong Kong, Xie said that before the trade war the business was blooming, but now the situation has changed drastically.“We are one of the major carriers for crude oil from the U.S. to China. Before (the trade war) we had a nice business, but now it’s totally stopped,” Reuters cited him as saying.Even though crude oil was exempted from the tit-for-tat tariffs imposed by the two countries recently, the halting of shipments is direct byproduct of the brewing tensions.The move is being reported two months after China International United Petroleum & Chemicals Co. (Unipec), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China’s oil major Sinopec, suspended imports of crude oil from the United States amid ongoing trade tensions between the two countries.The halt was expected to be lifted in October.It is not clear what might be further implications on oil trade between the two countries, but as tensions get heightened, the tanker market could be impacted heavily.This is in particular important having in mind that China was responsible for 25 pct of all U.S. seaborne crude oil exports in terms of volumes in 2017, as indicated earlier by BIMCO.According to Xie,  the trade dispute was forcing China to seek soybeans from suppliers other than the United States, mainly from South America.In mid September, China slapped U.S. with tariffs on USD 60 billion of imported US products as a counter-attack to the latest levies related to USD 200 billion worth of Chinese goods announced by the Trump Administration on September 17.Chinese tariffs apply to products ranging from liquefied natural gas to certain types of aircraft as well as cocoa powder and frozen vegetables. The tariffs would be set at 5 and 10 percent.In the 12 months up until June 2018, China was the second largest buyer of US LNG, accounting for 3 mmtpa of US LNG, according to Giles Farrer, research director at Wood Mackenzie. However, as the US-China trade dispute escalated, Chinese buyers have gradually reduced purchases of US LNG.He explained that the impact on the short term market is likely to be less than previously indicated, partly because the level of the tariff is lower than initially proposed, but also because China is believed to have already completed the majority of its procurement for winter.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

The Cleveland Browns Made History — By Bungling A FourthAnd9 Play

Play TYPENO. OF plays4th down conversion % Screen passes aren’t all that successful on fourth downFourth-down conversion rates by selected play type, 2009-19 regular seasons Zone read4168.3%– Pitch7462.2– Draw1957.9– Screen3735.1– Play-action26357.8– History was made on Sunday Night Football, but likely not the kind Cleveland Browns fans were hoping for. With 9:45 left in the fourth quarter and trailing 17-13, the Browns advanced to the Rams’ 41-yard line. A first-down run by Nick Chubb and two subsequent passes by Baker Mayfield netted Cleveland a single yard, and head coach Freddie Kitchens was faced with a difficult fourth-and-9 decision. In response, he dialed up a play call that is unprecedented in recorded NFL history: a draw.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/cle_4thdown.mp400:0000:0000:07Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.A draw play is designed to make the defense believe that a pass is coming, but instead results in a delayed handoff to the running back. The version the Browns ran gained just 2 yards, so Cleveland turned the ball over on downs. To be fair to Kitchens, it was a bold call in adverse circumstances. The analytically inclined are sometimes guilty of screaming at the TV for teams to be aggressive on fourth down and then — if the play is unsuccessful — immediately turning around and loudly complaining about the play call. But even given the results-oriented bias of the NFL fanbase, a draw play on fourth down and long is still a very rare and deeply contrarian move.Since 2006 — the first year ESPN began tracking play types — teams have dialed up a draw just 26 times on fourth down, including the Browns’ failed attempt. In that same period, no team outside of Cleveland has called a draw on fourth down with more than 7 yards to go. Among this small sample, just one draw has successfully converted to a new set of downs with more than 3 yards to go — and the quarterback responsible was noted gridiron sorcerer Ryan Fitzpatrick back when he was starting for the Buffalo Bills in 2011.Still, faulting Kitchens for calling a draw just because few have been called historically from that distance might be unfair. Draws work more often than not when they are called on fourth and short, for instance.1Three yards to go or less. And the conversion rate on a slightly more recent sample of plays — there have been 16 since 2009, the year our dataset begins — is a robust 62.5 percent, so the play can work in the right situations. Meanwhile, the success rate for all fourth-down plays with exactly 9 yards to go — the same distance Kitchens was faced with — is an anemic 35.4 percent. It’s hard to blame a specific play type when the odds against success are stacked so high.This made us wonder if there were play types that have historically been successful in fourth-and-long situations. Historical charting is somewhat limited in the NFL, but we found five other play types we could compare to the draw across the period spanning from 2009 to 2019. Sample sizes are notoriously small for fourth- and- long plays due to the NFL’s aversion to aggressive play calling, but among the play types for which we have data, play-action is the most common.There simply isn’t a lot of evidence to guide decision making in these situations. But if we look at the relative frequency of each type of play call and break each out by success or failure, there is a play type that historically has seen reasonable success on fourth and 5 or more: the screen pass.Screen passes are short passes to a receiver that start off looking like deeper passes or runs. Linemen — usually the center and two guards — begin the play blocking as normal but will release their defenders in an attempt to get them to overcommit to rushing the quarterback. A well-executed screen usually requires the QB to wait until the opposing linemen are almost on him before he tosses the ball to the receiver. Ideally, the scrum of suddenly free offensive linemen then begin to rumble downfield in search of a smaller linebacker or defensive back to block into the turf.Acknowledging the fact that we have limited charting of play types, the screen is the only play type that has been successful the majority of the time on fourth down and between 5 and 9 yards to go. The sample size is admittedly tiny — just 10 plays — so any notion of statistical significance goes right out the window, but teams were able to successfully convert a first down on six of the 10 attempts, good for 20 percentage points over league average for the given down and distance.Perhaps the deception afforded by convincing the defense that a long pass is coming improves the play’s outcome. It’s interesting to note that of the play types under consideration, the screen is the worst performing on fourth and short — and on fourth-down plays overall. Scramble17353.8– Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group For screens to succeed, the offense needs defenders to respect the pass and try to sack the QB so space can develop for the receiver to operate. On fourth and short, considerations of containing the pass likely take a back seat to stopping the run. The numbers seem to bear this out. When all distances on fourth down are considered, the screen is the worst-performing play on average.Kitchens and the Browns might have given themselves a better shot at extending their drive had they chosen another play type on Sunday. A screen might have led to a better pay-off for their aggressive play call. Then again, given the dearth of data we have to work with, perhaps it’s just noise. Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

Valverde says De Jong is an important signing

first_imgBarcelona manager Ernesto Valverde insists the signing from Frenkie de Jong from Ajax Amsterdam is an important addition for the club.The Netherlands international completed a €75million move to the Spanish champions on Wednesday but will spend the remainder of the campaign on loan at Ajax.The 21-year-old was also a reported target for both Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, with the French champions believed to be closing on his signature earlier in the transfer window but De Jong opted for Barcelona instead.Speaking after Barca’s shock first-leg 2-0 loss to Sevilla in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals, Valverde talked up the signing.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“An important addition,” he said, according to FourFourTwo.“A player with quality and a future that we think is signing with a long perspective for Barca and we wish him the best.”“His success will be the success of the club.”De Jong has three goals and one assist to his name in the Dutch League this season.last_img read more

Sensex gains 328 points closes above 26000


TomTom Says Its Maps Are Destined for SelfDriving Cars

first_img 5 min read May 4, 2015 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Enroll Now for Free This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Dutch navigation company TomTom aims to become a main provider of technology for self-driving cars as it charts its way back to success after seven lean years, chief executive Harold Goddijn said.Goddijn told Reuters that an overhaul of TomTom’s digital mapping architecture lies behind a renaissance that has seen its automotive division win big contracts in recent months, prompting analyst upgrades and a 40 percent surge in its shares.He said carmakers are now betting on TomTom as one of the few companies besides Google capable of providing location data good enough and fast enough to meet the safety requirements for computer assisted driving — and ultimately, self-driving cars.”We are seen by our customers as the guys with the right ideas on how you do those things,” he said in a interview, relishing the company’s comeback story.A rare example of a global consumer electronics brand to come out of Europe in the 2000s, TomTom went into a tailspin after overpaying for digital map-maker TeleAtlas in 2008.The market for its main product, personal navigation devices, entered a brutal decline. Prices fell and margins were crushed as cheaper competitors entered an increasingly saturated market for dashboard-mounted GPS systems, and smartphone navigation apps offered an even cheaper substitute.With the PND market stabilizing, Goddijn thinks TomTom’s other business lines are poised for a new cycle of growth.Analysts’ enthusiasm has been fired by contract wins with carmakers, including two with Volkswagen this year as well as deals with Fiat, Hyundai and Kia.DiversificationBut TomTom’s revenue base has also diversified. Its consumer product offerings have expanded to include fitness watches and a line of ‘GoPro’-style action cameras launched this week.It also licenses its digital maps to tech giants. One of TomTom’s few bright moments during the dark years came in 2012, when Apple, seeking to end its reliance on Google, choose TomTom’s maps to use in its own navigation app, starting with the iPhone 6.And finally, TomTom has been quietly building up a “telematics” business, providing the telecommunications systems used in car fleet management, which has become the largest of its kind in Europe’s fragmented market.In the interview, Goddijn said the unit, which reported sales of 110 million euros ($124 million) in 2014, has the potential to grow sales at more than 20 percent per year for the coming five years without acquisitions.But TomTom’s mapping technology is at the core of investor demand that has given the company a 1.8 billion euro market capitalization despite 2014 profits of just 22.7 million euros.The company’s maps can now be redrawn on the fly, integrating feedback from cars on the road, and then shared immediately with other drivers.”No one else has that,” Goddijn said, flatly.’Exciting and Scary’Cars are increasingly equipped with multiple sensors, not only GPS positioning and mobile phone connections but radars, cameras and driver heart-rate monitoring systems. Lidar (reflected laser imaging) may also be added in future.Goddijn said the overhaul of TomTom’s digital mapping architecture “gives us a lot of confidence” this proliferation of data can be processed in a way that ensures users’ safety.”It’s exciting and it’s scary, because millions of cars will come and there’s tons of data going to be produced,” he said.The biggest question mark hanging over TomTom’s strategic future is Nokia’s plan, announced this month, to sell its map-making arm HERE, which has U.S. roots. Google, TomTom and HERE are the three major digital map-makers with the potential for use in self-driving cars.Though TomTom has won almost all major automaker contracts renewed in the past year, HERE still has more than 70 percent of the automotive market.Potential buyers include tech giants Apple and Uber, or less realistically, Microsoft, which could have taken HERE when it bought Nokia’s smart phone operations. Google is also mentioned although it already has its own technology.A consortium of automakers who view Google as an undesirable rival is also seen as a realistic possible buyer of HERE, as are private equity buyers who could build the business up — or wind it down. The worst case scenario for TomTom would probably be a takeover of HERE by navigation arch-rival Garmin Ltd.What does Goddijn think will happen?”That question is too complex to handle,” he said. “Even if I wanted to I couldn’t give you the answers, because a lot of it depends on who it is and how they want to handle it.”He said his focus for now is on continuing TomTom’s winning streak with automakers.”Let’s face it, our market share is not where it should be. There is an incumbent and we need to take market share away.”($1 = 0.8875 euros)(Editing by Catherine Evans) This story originally appeared on Reuterslast_img read more

Now open Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa

first_imgNow open: Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa Travelweek Group Tags: Antigua & Barbuda, Royalton Resorts << Previous PostNext Post >> Sharecenter_img ANTIGUA — The new Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa is officially open and welcoming guests after celebrating its grand debut on May 1 with a champagne reception.Addressing guests, general manager Christian Langlade said: “We’re excited to be bringing a new level of luxury vacations to the island with the opening of Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa. With modern facilities, world-class service and lavish accommodation options – including Antigua’s first-ever overwater bungalows which will be opening later this summer – we’re sure this latest addition to the island’s lineup of luxury properties will be well received by travellers from around the world.”The 294-room resort, situated on a pristine beach in Antigua’s Deep Bay, offers a range of room categories for all group sizes, from suites with bay views to ultra-luxe swimout suites. For added luxury, clients can upgrade to Diamond Club featuring added inclusions such as preferred room locations, butler service, preferential reservations, exclusive beach areas with waiter service and more.More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyA wide range of activities can also be found on site, including the famous RoyaltonFit program, mixology courses and dance lessons. Young guests can take advantage of the complimentary kids club featuring popular characters Max & Ruby. Other selling points include unlimited reservation-free dining at a variety of specialty restaurants, 24-hour room service, a casino, brewhouse, teens’ lounge and non-motorized water sports.The adults-only Chairman Overwater Bungalows will be one-bedroom oceanfront villas that come with a private infinity plunge pool, hammock, king size bed, living area, and private ocean entry from a private deck. Bungalow guests also enjoy private transfers, butler service, sunset mixology and personal fitness/yoga classes.For more information go to https://sp2.img.hsyaolu.com.cn/wp-shlf1314/2031/IMG17117.jpg” alt=”last_img” /> read more

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