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Freeze Eases But Unsettled Weekend Ahead

first_imgThe good news is that temperatures heading into this weekend will not be as cold as it has been, however this weekend isn’t looking that great either. Friday will feature sunny skies with afternoon temperatures climbing into the low 40s with a lighter but still breezy westerly wind. Clouds will increase late in the day ahead of a warm front which will also bring a round of snow/rain showers overnight.A low pressure system will slide to our south on Saturday keeping us cloudy, chilly and wet. A light onshore flow will keep temperatures in the 40s all day with occasional rain.As the low pressure moves offshore on Sunday morning, winds will increase out of the north and colder air will move in. Any rain could changeover to snow before ending by Noon Sunday. Temperatures will be above freezing so any snow will have a hard time sticking. Some brightening of the skies is possible during the afternoon but temperatures will only make it into the low 40s.Models show rain changing to snow as storm intensifies offshore Sunday morning. (Courtesy:tropicaltidbits.com)Looking for Spring?Spring officially arrives Monday morning at 6:29AM however, winter will still want to hang on a little while longer. Although temperatures will finally reach the 50s early next week, another chilly blast is set to arrive by the middle of next week. The good news is it will not be as cold as it has been with temperatures in the low 40s. For the final week of March temperatures should return into the 50s and possibly 60.last_img read more

Pretty Lights Offers Free Download Of ‘Live In Telluride’ Album

first_imgPioneering electro-hip-hop-soul producer Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, has released a new live compilation from his 2015 run at Telluride, Colorado’s Telluride Town Park with his Analog Future Band featuring Adam Deitch (Lettuce/Break Science) on the drums, Eric Krasno (Soulive/Lettuce) on guitar, Borahm Lee (Break Science) on keys, NOLA staple Brian Coogan on keys/organ, Eric “Benny” Bloom (Lettuce/Shady Horns) on trumpet, Scott Flynn on trombone, and award-winning turntablist Chris Karns on the decks.Said Smith in a statement about the release, “I’ve thought a lot about what a perfect place to throw a Pretty Lights concert might be, and what that actually means. I think that Telluride Town Park might be a place like that. The energy that resonates there is beyond the cusp of my own understanding but it is powerful and undeniable. I think that the seclusion of Telluride creates a real opening to focus on getting in touch…with each other, ourselves, and the vibrations we experience as music, light, and life. PLUS the stars shine incredibly bright and the mountains are jaw dropping. These two nights in Telluride were an awesome and historic opportunity to experience a live Pretty Lights show in what may be the perfect venue.”In typical Pretty Lights fashion, the new release is available for download here free of charge. You can also stream it in full below!TRACKLIST:Pretty Lights and the Analog Future BandAugust 28th – 29th, 2015Telluride Town Park – Telluride, CO1. Exodus2. Done Wrong3. Around The Block4. Total Fascination > Sunday School5. Total Fascination Jam6. Drift Away7. More Important Than Michael Jordan8. Try To Remember9. If I Gave You My Love10. Whitness Break11. Extended Moon Jam12. Don’t Cost You Nothing13. One Day They’ll KnowPretty Lights has been slowly rolling out tour dates for the summer, including a series of five two-day mini festival dates across the country. For more info, visit the PL website.last_img read more

4 Ways Predictive Analytics Are Being Applied to Business

first_imgMassive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Last year Theresa Doyon wrote about how survival analysis could be used to predict customer attrition rates. Today, 1to1 Media posted a talk, embedded above, by Colin Shearer, worldwide industry solutions leader for the SPSS brand at IBM, on that very subject.IT Systems Monitoring and AlertingLast month we covered how Netuitive is using predictice analytics to make IT’s life easier. Netuitive monitors tens of thousands of metrics to make predictions about IT system failures and send intelligent alerts. Today Netuitive announced that has landed another major banking customer, but can’t reveal who that customer is. Netuitive claims to now provide its analytics solution to eight of the top ten largest banks.Prelert offers a similar service, as does BMC‘s ProactiveNet.Pricing OptimizationOpera Solutions offers analytics software and consulting for a wide variety of problems. One example is auction pricing optimization built for a major automotive customer. Opera emphasizes interaction and human judgement. Instead of just aggregating and crunching a bunch of pricing information and giving auctioneers a recommended price, the application lets users input information from the auction floor to update pricing in real-time. In order to deal with unforeseen circumstances, Opera allows users to change the weight of different factors on the fly without being versed in statistics or programming.Opera, as part of a group called The Ensemble, submitted an entry for the Netflix Prize that performed as well as the winning entry, BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos. However, it was submitted 20 later later than Pragmatic Chaos so The Ensemble did not win.TutoringKnewton sells test preparation materials for the GMAT, LSAT and SAT tests. It’s also recently teamed up with Arizona State University to create a college preparation program for high school students. The company has built a set of adaptive learning tools into its products similar to the recommendation engines of companies like Amazon.com and Netflix. Knewton’s software analyzes students’ performance on practice questions and recommends tutorials based on the student’s answers. Knewton optimizes learning by focusing only on the areas that students need to improve. The software determines subject areas at a granular level. it doesn’t just know whether you need improvement in algebra. It knows specifically whether you’re having trouble with, for example, quadratic equations.According to COO David Liu, an afternoon of studying can give Knewton 100,000 – 150,000 data points about the student – such as how long it takes them to answer questions or what time of day they learn best.Knewton is focused on the education market right now, but it plans on releasing an API this summer that would open its platform to more applications.Image by loop_ohDisclosure: IBM is a sponsor of ReadWriteWeb Tags:#enterprise#Trends IT + Project Management: A Love Affair klint finley Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Related Posts Predictive analytics is a subject we’re keeping an eye on this year. Today we’re taking a look at some of the ways predictive analytics are being used by businesses: to predict customer attrition rates, monitor IT systems and issue alerts when appropriate, optimize prices for auctions and prepare for GMAT tests.Customer Attrition Rateslast_img read more

Where is This Water Coming From?

first_img RELATED ARTICLES Roof/Wall Connections CONSTRUCTION DETAILS Prevent Ice Dams With Air Sealing and InsulationIce Dam BasicsVIDEO: How Ice Dams Form and How to Stop ThemMartin’s Ten Rules of Roof DesignRoofs: Attics, Structure, Claddings Don’t use standing-seam on low-slope roofsNo standing-seam roof will prove truly waterproof, writes GBA reader Hobbit. When enough depth, water will go sideways and find its way into the inevitable gaps between panels.“This is why they’re not recommended for low pitch,” he says. “My 4 1/2-in-12 shed dormer is probably close to the limit of what [standing seam] can practically handle.”In his case, Hobbit didn’t notice ice dams but he did assume that some of the melting snow and ice found its way past the roofing and made its way down over the peel-and-stick membrane, “hopefully all safely reaching the edge of the decking and dropping off under the drip edge.”No evidence inside of any problems inside, he adds, “other than the rafters bending under load.” Yes, the photos are ‘disturbing’Eric Habegger suspects there are leaks in the standing seams, although he cautions it may be too early to jump to that conclusion. Possible, but not a sure bet.“What jumped out at me though is the icicles in the interior,” he adds. “That would seem to indicate that cold air is bypassing the insulation somewhere. That needs to be investigated. It perhaps is a simple, though not easy to fix, problem of air infiltration past the spray foam insulation where a gap or pulling away has occurred.“That might allow warm moist air from the interior to cool and condense on the metal roof and then drip down,” Habegger continues. “Just a possibility that needs to be investigated before jumping to a conclusion.”Yes, condensation is a possible explanation, says GBA senior editor Martin Holladay. “You need to pay attention to when the leak occurs,” Holladay writes. “If the drips happen on warm days, with ice still on the roof, it’s probably condensation. If the leaks happen when it’s raining, you probably have a leaky roof.”It’s also worth noting that Holladay’s article on ice dam prevention advises, “Although so-called hot roofs (roofs without any ventilation) can work well, ice dams can still form on a hot roof if the snow is deep enough. (Very deep snow acts like insulation. If your roof is covered with two feet of fluffy snow, the bottom of the snowpack is insulated from cold outdoor temperatures. That raises the chance that melting will occur.) So, if your climate is very snowy, you probably want to stick with a cold (ventilated) roof.”Keith Gustafson has a shingled roof with a 3-in-12 pitch and he, too, has seen drips of water behind the soffit when the ice and snow are thick enough on his roof.“Sometimes, things just are,” he says. “The only totally watertight solution would be rubber [roofing]. No sloped roof system is designed to beat ice dams… I would consider several lengths of heat cable to be turned on the three days a year they are required.” What should he do? That’s the topic for this Q&A Spotlight. Is the roofer responsible?Another issue is whether the contractor who installed the roof is in some way responsible for the problems Metzger is now seeing. “He says he’s never heard of this happening before,” Metzger writes.“If a new roof is leaking, the roofer is of course responsible,” Holladay replies.But the roofer is taking no responsibility,” Metzger says, adding, “And as years go by any recourse I have diminishes. Taking him to court is the last thing I feel like doing. Lesson One when hiring a roofing contractor is go with reputation, not with price. The $3,000 I saved on the installation doesn’t seem like much now that I have been having problems.”The mysterious drip he’s now seeing is not the first sign of troubles. Last year, another “banner snowfall winter,” the accumulated weight of snow on the roof pulled a 30-foot long panel down 6 inches, he says, “unbent the crimps and all.”The roofer wasn’t willing to fix that problem, so Metzger had to set up staging and fix it himself.“This winter I was half-way expecting the entire roof to catastrophically slide off the sheathing,” he adds. “I mean, seriously, has anyone tested fastener systems for metal roofs on 1/2-inch Zip OSB sheathing? It can’t be very strong… And 24 inches of accumulated snow is.”Another house Metzger built had asphalt shingles — one-third the price and “headache-free.” Writing from Climate Zone 6, GBA reader David Metzger is looking for some advice about his standing-seam metal roof. More to the point, why is there water dripping from the soffit when the winter’s accumulation of snow and ice starts to melt?The shed roof showing evidence of problems has a pitch of 3 1/4-in-12 and is framed with I-joists. Metzger provides these additional details: “flash-and-batt insulation” consisting of 4 to 6 inches of closed-cell polyurethane spray foam plus unspecified cavity insulation, taped Zip System sheathing, followed by roofing underlayment. The Galvalume metal roofing has single-lock standing seams that are 1 inch high.“Lots of snow build-up over winter,” he writes. “Due to the pitch and the amount of insulation, there are no conditions where snow slides off on its own. Eventually, ice builds up over top of the seam. As weather gets warmer, water is observed dripping out underneath of overhang (soffit) on low part of the roof.“My guess is the entire roof is leaking at the standing seams and water is sheeting down roof plane, over the underlayment.”Metzger asks whether a double-lock seam would fix the problem, but adds that if it doesn’t he’s really stuck because he won’t be able to take the metal sections apart and find another solution.“Having done some research recently I’ve discovered that a 2- to 3-inch tall standing seam with a butyl sealant at every seam would have prevented this from happening,” he adds. “But it’s too late for that. As it is now, if I can probably take apart the roof — one 30-foot section at a time — cover the Zip sheathing with a waterproof underlayment, then re-bend each seam with sealant and a double-lock.” Wait for next year to find outMetzger is certain that the house is tight enough to prevent warm air from trickling up through the roof and condensing on the underside of the Galvalume. But the 3-foot overhang is uninsulated, and it was dripping with water on the first warm day of the year when snow on the roof was melting.“I suppose it’s possible it was massive condensation from the ice on the roof hitting the warm, humid outdoor air in the soffit,” he says. “I would jump for joy if the answer was that simple! Though I might have to wait until next winter to find out. I’ll need to remove a section of the tongue-and-groove soffit so I can witness the phenomenon.”The closed-cell foam sprayed on the inside of the roof sheathing is waterproof, Metzger says, so it could be a long time before evidence of a leak starts to show itself.“I may never know if I had a leak inside until down the road, the OSB would start bulging up my metal roof,” he adds. “A scenario I’d sometimes think about late at night.” Our expert’s opinionHere what GBA technical director Peter Yost had to say:David Metzger has several questions built into his situation and he and I had a pretty extensive email exchange on this building (which by the way, is a beautiful AirBnB).To start, know that his building is pretty darn airtight, even in the cathedral ceiling/unvented roof assembly. Often, the 2×6 tongue-and-groove cathedral ceiling is part of a structural roof deck that spans from interior to exterior at the gable and eave overhangs — and so is often very tough to air seal — but that is not the case with Metger’s building.Where is the water coming from?Given when and under what conditions Metzger’s building has shown water leakage, my best assessment is that his well-insulated and air-sealed unvented roof has about R-24 or more on TOP of his roof cladding when it has 2-plus feet of snow up there for an extended period of time. There is enough heat loss trapped by the snow cover to result in melting over the portion of the roof above conditioned space but then it runs down and hits the 3-foot overhang that is quite cold and an ice dam develops. At a 3.5:12 pitch, the ice dam easily builds up enough water to overwhelm the 1-inch standing seam.What is the minimum roof pitch for standing seam metal?I checked in with my expert roofing contact at our local Jancewicz and Son company. International Building Code states the minimum pitch for metal panels is 2.5:12 unless seams are soldered. Jancewicz & Son’s approach is for anything less than 5:12, they typically spec high temp, full coverage ice and water shield with a fully sealed seam (during install), commercial grade sealants inside a double lock, and a vented roof.Would pulling snow off just the overhang (and maybe then some) solve the problem?Good question. Perhaps not, since the melt water is likely to still freeze at the overhang and create the dam, just more visibly without the snow cover.Is the roofer the problem?I think, ultimately, yes. You often get what you pay for, and this company just put on the cladding, rather than working through the potential issues this particular building presented for the cladding used.So, what to do?I hate to be mealy-mouthed about this but I am going to suggest two possibilities. One is to do nothing and see what happens next year and cross the bridge of a really unusually prolonged cold and snowy season if and when it presents itself. The other option is to go back to a professional-grade roofing contractor and get his or her recommendations.Here is what Jancewicz suggests: Sorry to say, but start over. Twenty-four-gauge standing seam metal is essential for Climate Zone 6, as well as venting the assembly (see 2b above). Jancewicz is just about never the lowest bid on any project and they spend a lot of time training their sales staff to clearly explain the Jancewicz quality and value proposition.last_img read more

10 days ago​Murphy questions Man Utd winger James for ‘weird’ acting

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Murphy questions Man Utd winger James for ‘weird’ actingby Freddie Taylor10 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy was not impressed with Wales’ concussion protocol in their game against Croatia.The Welsh were involved in a Euro 2020 qualifier, which finished 1-1.An incident involving Manchester United winger Daniel James took fans by surprise.The player appeared knocked out after a rough challenge, but eventually got up and carried on for the rest of the game.Wales manager Ryan Giggs later said that James was not concussed, but merely play acting to waste time.Murphy said on talkSPORT about the situation: “He wasn’t trying to stop them on the counter, it was Wales on a break, I don’t think he was tired. “So what was his reasoning?”If he is telling the truth, let’s believe the lad, if he is saying he made the most of it – why?”I’ve not seen that before, I think that’s a bit weird.” last_img read more

a day agoDONE DEAL? Man Utd reach Mateo Mejia agreement with Real Zaragoza

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say DONE DEAL? Man Utd reach Mateo Mejia agreement with Real Zaragozaby Paul Vegasa day agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United have a £130,000 deal in place for Real Zaragoza teen Mateo Mejia.The 16-year-old attracted a wide range of interest following his incredible spell of form for Real Zaragoza’s youth team last season.El Periodico de Aragon says United have won the race for his signature.The source claims that Mejia is already making his mark at the club after arriving at Carrington in July.It is reported that the youngster is being put through his paces with United’s Under-18 squad. last_img read more

Video: ESPN Feed Of Peyton Manning’s Retirement Presser Cuts Out When Asked About Sexual Assault Allegations

first_imgESPN cuts out out Peyton Manning's retirement.Peyton ESPNDuring Peyton Manning’s retirement press conference this afternoon, the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos’ quarterback was asked about the sexual assault allegation from his time at Tennessee. The question was asked by USA Today‘s Lindsay Jones, who tweeted about her decision to ask the question. Manning deserved a chance to respond to what everyone has been saying about him for the last month. I had to ask.— Lindsay Jones (@bylindsayhjones) March 7, 2016Manning gave a somewhat lengthy answer that concluded with, “I did not do what has been alleged.” We didn’t get to hear him say that on ESPN, though. The feed of the press conference – suspiciously to some – cut out during Manning’s response. The NFL Network’s feed did not. Real subtle, @espn pic.twitter.com/CZkSiBKzEw— Pete Blackburn (@PeteBlackburn) March 7, 2016You can view Manning’s full retirement speech here.last_img read more

CMI Campus for St. Thomas

first_img The Government is looking at establishing a full campus of the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) in the parish of St. Thomas. Story Highlights “In the new facility that we are building at the old Goodyear factory, there is a space for the university in that new township operation, and we are considering providing further capacity to have a full campus out in St. Thomas. We really want to drive development out there,” he said, noting that the current location at Palisadoes is inadequate to meet demands. The Government is looking at establishing a full campus of the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) in the parish of St. Thomas.This was disclosed by Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, at a Think Tank held at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) head office in Kingston on Tuesday (September 19).He said that the Government has particular interest in expanding the university into the parish to drive growth in tandem with the development of the St. Thomas leg of the south coast highway.He informed that the institution, soon to be officially renamed Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), will have a presence in the proposed development for the Morant Bay town centre.“In the new facility that we are building at the old Goodyear factory, there is a space for the university in that new township operation, and we are considering providing further capacity to have a full campus out in St. Thomas. We really want to drive development out there,” he said, noting that the current location at Palisadoes is inadequate to meet demands.The Minister said that there are also plans to expand the institution into other parts of the country.“We need to have some capacity in the Clarendon area around Vernamfield, because it is maritime and logistics; so what we don’t want is for (CMI) to only have a presence in Kingston and St. Andrew,” he pointed out. Executive Director of the CMI, Dr. Fritz Pinnock, commended the Government for having the foresight to include the institution in the development plans for St. Thomas.“I see the development of the campus in the parish as a great move, where we will be putting people in the centre of development, which is the most sustainable development that we can have,” he said.He also hailed the development plan for the parish. “This is a new concept and a new model. I applaud it. The whole parish of St. Thomas is poised for greater development. It has good natural resources; it is a green field, an area ripe for development, with open land space and good access to deep water,” he pointed out.Dr. Pinnock noted that Cow Bay in the parish has the deepest harbour in the island and the wider region. Cow Bay has a natural depth of 51 metres.“You don’t have to dredge. These are very good waters for development right along the coastline, so it’s a natural fit. And with the highway infrastructure, it would take just about 15 minutes to get across, so we now have to think about how we can spread development,” he noted.CMI will officially become CMU on World Maritime Day, Thursday, September 28 at an official Charter Day ceremony at the National Arena. This was disclosed by Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, at a Think Tank held at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) head office in Kingston on Tuesday (September 19). last_img read more

Watch Game 7 Of The World Series With FiveThirtyEight By Reading Our

In less than a week, you may have heard, there’s a midterm election in the United States of America. This is sort of a big deal for us at FiveThirtyEight. Such a big deal that our estimable tech team of Jeremy Weinrib and Paul Schreiber arranged a fancy live-blogging platform so you can snuggle up next to us for hours on election night. It’ll be cozy.We’ve known for weeks that we’d need to give the platform a test drive, and we decided that we’d do that Wednesday, on the second night of the NBA season. We’d get together our crew of basketball writers (the ones who wrote our NBA team previews), buy some pizzas and use an algorithm to project whether Giannis Antetokounmpo has finally stopped growing.But as the San Francisco Giants discovered last night, Jake Peavy has a habit of ruining the best-laid plans.About the time Game 6 of the World Series passed a 95 percent win probability, we made the call to scuttle the NBA live blog. Instead, you’ll get to hang with us as we watch Game 7. We’ll argue that Jeremy Guthrie shouldn’t pitch more than three innings, locate where the Giants dynasty of the past five seasons would rank compared to others and, Yost-willing, debate the merits of the sacrifice bunt.It’s going to be great. Or a total disaster. Come and find out which. 8 p.m. EDT Wednesday. Here on FiveThirtyEight. read more

Ohio State mens tennis team makes racket on road to NCAA Championship

The Ohio State men’s tennis team’s dream of winning a national title is still alive after the Buckeyes defeated their opponents in the first two rounds of the NCAA Championship Tournament this weekend. OSU was able to shut out Notre Dame and Ball State, 4-0, respectively in the first and second rounds of the tournament. The team will now advance to the third round of the championship Thursday, when it will play Tulsa. Tulsa caused an upset in the bracket with a 4-3 victory against No. 13 seed Texas on Saturday. “They take everything seriously,” OSU coach Ty Tucker said of his team. The last four rounds of the tournament will be held at Stanford’s Taube Tennis Center. If the Buckeyes beat Tulsa in the Sweet Sixteen, they will play in their first matchup with a seeded opponent. Depending on the outcome of the other teams’ match, the Buckeyes will face either No. 5-seeded Baylor or No. 12-seeded UCLA. The Buckeyes didn’t play either team this season. OSU had a successful start to the tournament with home-court advantage. However, the team will now travel to an outdoor court, something the Buckeyes haven’t had much experience with yet this season. But the team isn’t completely unprepared. Redshirt sophomore Devin McCarthy said Tucker had the team outdoors, practicing as much as possible in the days before the tournament began. But, McCarthy added, the team still needs to play outside more. On Friday, the team got a little taste of what kind of weather it might meet in California when it played in humid, 80-degree weather against Ball State. “We have to take what we can get,” redshirt freshman Peter Kobelt said of Friday’s weather. “It’s the kind of stuff we’ll deal with if we go out to California.” Whatever weather the Buckeyes face in California, the team seems excited just to be competing. “It’s quite an experience,” senior Matt Allare said. “I’ve never been (to Stanford). I’m excited to see what it’s like.” “It’s a little bit different,” freshman Blaz Rola said. “You see a lot more excitement. … There’s more at stake, but to win any tournament is a big deal.” The Buckeyes play their next round at 6 p.m. Thursday. If they win, they will continue on the road to the National Championship by playing in the fourth round at 7 p.m. Saturday. read more

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