first_imgChristina LaBruno Dear Editor:The city should begin to map out zoning laws that will facilitate the legal distribution of marijuana. Should the state lift the criminal ban on the plant, Hoboken would be foolish to not lead the charge in managing its commercial use. This would benefit the city financially. Thus, the current administration should develop a regulation strategy regarding where the product may or may not be used or distributed. The existing regulation of alcohol within the city’s boundaries may prove to be a useful guide. However, should the city decide to open its doors to commercial use, thereby profiting, it must commit itself to alleviating the burden on those that have been negatively impacted by the criminalization of marijuana. City officials should urge the state to use portions of the sales tax to create reentry programs for those previously incarcerated for possession or distribution charges. They should also urge the state to exonerate its citizens currently serving time for the possession or distribution of a product that will be legal. There are many social justice policies the city can advocate for or implement that are beyond the scope of this letter. However, if the city puts itself and other business owners in a position to profit from commercial use, it should seek to provide opportunities for those who have been impacted by the war on drugs. One should not profit while another remains in chains for the economic exchange of the very same product. last_img read more