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Google gives all employees 1000 and a 10 pay hike for Christmas

first_imgWho needs Santa Claus when you work for Google? According to reports, Google has decided to give all of it’s employees a $1,000.00 cash holiday bonus… along with a universal pay hike of at least 10%.The company wide raise is scheduled to start on January 1st, 2011. That’s the baseline, though: Google will also be giving each employee an additional raise which is equivalent to the employee’s target bonus for the year, as well as an additional raise if their individual performance is particularly notable.As for that $1,000.00, Google’s going even farther than just handing everyone a check for a grand: the search giant also intends to pay the taxes on that bonus, so that employees walk home with the whole thing.Why the raise? According to CEO Eric Schmidt, internal feedback suggests that employees are happiest at Google because of the generous salaries and not because of bonuses or stock compensation. They want to keep employees happy, and therefore, keep them from bolting to the competition.$1,000.00 may not seem like a huge Christmas bonus, but add in the raise and Google’s just handed $1 billion to their employees, basically as a gift.Hey Google? Looking for a blogger?Read more at Gawkerlast_img read more

Vivo Xplay 3S has a 2K display is the beginning of the

first_imgThe folks at China’s Vivo cackle derisively at your smartphone’s piddly 1080p display. They’ll soon be unveiling the Xplay 3S: the world’s first phone with a 2560×1440 pixel qHD (2K) display.Teaser images that appeared on Sina Weibo recently show the beastly Xplay 3S brain-melting pixel measurements. While the phone’s diagonal size isn’t listed, it’s believed that Vivo may be using the 5.5-inch LG panel that was shown off earlier this year.You may be asking yourself, “What’s the point of a 538 ppi display?” It’s well beyond what our eyes can perceive, but that hardly matters in the smartphone spec war.Vivo knows that rabid technophiles just want to own whatever the best thing is, and they don’t necessarily need to understand why it’s the best.Vivo will get to shout “First!” with the Xplay 3S, and that’s all the motivation a lot of gadget makers need.Whether or not your eyes notice the difference between the Xplay 3S display and the 1080p units in phones like the LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3, Vivo’s competitors certainly will. Make no mistake, smartphone history will repeat itself.Now that one phone is being built with a 2560×1440 display, there will be others. The days of the 1080p smartphone are officially numbered. Do we need a 538 ppi display on our mobiles? Probably not. Would we benefit more if manufacturers stuck with cheaper 1080p displays and spent the extra cash on things like bigger batteries or additional NAND? Absolutely.Does that matter? Nope. It’s all about keeping up with the Joneses, and the Vivo Xplay 3S looks like it’s the new Jonesphone.last_img read more

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