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Xinjiang Shanghai dragon CSS Optimization Website Optimization in the station optimization


good to come to the point, CSS optimization, mainly about CSS efficiency. After all, the execution efficiency of website with Shanghai dragon is also a great relationship. Before this, my need to introduce a CSS selector implementation and browser rendering process.


website optimization for my most important site of internal optimization, as long as the site of the internal optimization well, other Shanghai Longfeng steps to play a multiplier effect. My will on the station optimization method in the land behind the writing, today to talk about the Shanghai dragon station optimization and CSS optimization. Why in the station optimization is one of the most important link in the Shanghai dragon. You can think of Shanghai dragon Er website optimization is actually nothing more than just a few of the important link, and the link is needed to continue to repeat every day to do. Do not need to spend too much mental, just need to work on the line when his toil. read more

With love blind whole Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon ER learning skills

what is a good site layout, did not play a large number of sites of Shanghai Longfeng ER were not themselves as experts, I do not know what kind of layout is good, this point is only to find love on Shanghai shore, if there is the whole site of hundreds of thousands of Shanghai dragon ER certainly some questions.

Why Keywords

love blind whole Shanghai Longfeng ER more understanding of love in Shanghai, they are the details of the changes, although I know H123 label, and now will not be used flexibly, Guo Yeye think this need long-term accumulation of experience. If you do not own to try the Shanghai dragon ER, absolutely is not master this technology, there is the return of the grasping numerical code, this stuff I had never touched, only contact with the Shanghai dragon ER will understand the truth. read more

How can the website weight decided to search rankings

A common

here have to say the website optimization, only care about a few keywords ranking, pay attention to the website traffic, don’t spend too much time on the weight increase website. From the optimization of lottery sales software site, the beginning I was staring at the core keywords to optimize, because small business website a week will flow hundreds, ranking the main determinants of the website is. In the optimization of several lottery sales software 贵族宝贝fankeyu贵族宝贝/ and other core keywords, some keywords ranking up, but is very unstable, sometimes at home, sometimes to the third page, this time there is a risk of love Shanghai punishment. So should pay attention to in order to improve the website, the website weight lifting up, slowly ranking will have, at this time the ranking is very stable. Must not only pay attention to the short time of interest. read more

A few steps on the selection of station keywords

first ensure the content to be around the theme of the site to carry out the. Can then be used by tools or love Shanghai index, such as the long tail word search related headlines are find out, is the best documented. This article’s title as nested tail, can also can be in the form of word segmentation. With the time accumulated website operation. To do to enhance the weight of the long tail effect will gradually play out.

4) the title of the long tail word of

< >

because we are selling products station. Key words you choose must first meet, with the product keyword is equivalent to our store signs. For example, we sell "slimming products", but we sign "sell whitening products" so that even if someone came to see, it will not buy. This with our choice of words is related to the same reason read more

Love Shanghai that no reliable domain command is not outside the chain of love Shanghai

to agreaterimpact:

this is, but there was a rather baffling URL wood!

love Shanghai above domain command is considered by many people as "love Shanghai chain", the first not to say, put the two pictures look at the impact of those people who love domain:

)The impact of

domain:www.sina贵族宝贝.cn, unrelated www.sina贵族宝贝 have!

seems quite logical and rigorous, but the fatal mistake is made in the initial premise: domain is not what the chain of command. So the back of the reasoning, although feel of spirit is very valuable, but because the premise behind all the mistakes, all studies have deviated from the truth. read more

Love the sea to artificial intelligence, they can grasp the future of the nternet

in depth analysis of love Shanghai brain plan, love Shanghai brain is divided into three layers design love Shanghai brain, open cloud, data factory, the analysis of Open Cloud and data factory is built on the search engine completely, that is to say, love Shanghai brain database almost entirely from the search, this is love Shanghai gene, and on the other hand, love Shanghai is likely to miss the bigger social network in the bigger cake.


after the last year frequent high-profile capital acquisitions gradually cooled down, the layout of the mobile Internet late love Shanghai began to play to the core technology of the competition, to find the difference in the BAT competition in the. Last summer, fall in love with the sea is deep learning academy IDL was founded by Robin Li personally go into battle, and then launched in May this year, Shanghai love brain plan, love Shanghai quickly went up a seemingly more solid, more can directly change the path of the world. read more

From the layout of a site internal optimization family


4, a specialty (keyword stuffing)

keyword stuffing at home that is, let the guest know your home is what style, mainly those aspects. So he knows will be key to focus on what aspects, which would let him give people time to introduce focuses on the style of your home.

3, the room name (navigation and banner)

, 2 yard (page layout)


6, your guests.

, 1 door (head code optimization)

some Adsense due to appearance, love the banner navigation bar made of flash. Of course banner into FLASH, it does not matter, it does not want to make pictures of spider artist experts like to see your picture is good, worth money, pull away ~! Said the navigation, navigation is equivalent to tell the guests you have several "house", which was the main house, which one is the living room, if you put it into the FLASH, so that guests like the spider he did not know, the owner did not lead to the guests into the living room, but do not know where to walk into the bedroom to forget, the scene must be embarrassed. read more

A new station on the line a month what to do to improve the rankings included

– >

first, the line on the website of money ready, I believe this site all know, like site selection procedures, content positioning, the choice of the domain name, space and so on, it will be discussed, but one point to note is that the choice of space must be better, are the best the choice of independent IP, is not affected, fast speed, good stability, high quality of the search engine is love! But this is the basis of


today my new line has a month time, when about 20 days of each station are arranged on the keywords I love Shanghai Google home, due to the construction of the railway station has recently been busy, no time, today I will this new optimization on the search engine home experience sharing at the time of a month. The construction of some new hope to help read more

An analysis of short time increase keyword ranking techniques

, two mining related chain platform

for a newly established 3 months of the new station, to the search engine on your stand a good impression or take some effort, so if we want to improve the site, want to let the spider more access to the article, here it is necessary for us to increase the anchor text links for example, I make the wine class website, so I met like liquor, Wine, or you can do the anchor text link.

before editing work is not my responsibility, but now that I am responsible for the ranking, then website ranking and editing work is closely related, perhaps before the editor’s job is to send 20 articles every day, of course the quality is just the title changed, here I strongly request, you can reduce the number of. Every day you can have published 4 articles, but the quality must be improved. This editorial work of 3 points is: read more

Analysis of the shortcomings of domain name trust degree is too low and the solution case

The 1. problem of

if you use the 301 permanent redirect, then the weight of the original domain name will be completely to the new domain name, this change usually cannot be cancelled, if the cancellation will be search engine that permanent redirection is not established. If you use the 302 temporary redirect, then the search engine may also be considered cheating. Two jump after use will reduce and then cancel the domain name trust.

yesterday received a website that is before the company for customers to do the website, but obviously we do programmers do not pay attention to the problem of Shanghai dragon. First above: read more

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