first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE that for many decades Henderson Methodist Hospital has been a stable healthcare provider that planned for long term service and success in the Henderson community? …that the CCO Mole #16 alleges during the past several months that several physicians from various specializations are no longer serving the people of Henderson with their services at the Henderson Methodist Hospital?IS IT TRUE that its common business practice if a medical provider were about to be acquired by another provider and was going through a due diligence period, eliminating the long term liability associated with unneeded full time and part time high wage employees or independent contractors could be part of a plan to enhance the value of the transaction for an impending buyout? …when all is said and done, if a buyout is executed the Board of Directors of the Henderson Methodist Hospital will have to approve the transaction and will be obligated to justify the action to the people of Henderson? …what the future offers for the many hundreds of jobs at one of the largest employers in that community is currently unknown?IS IT TRUE according to the hospital web site that members of the Henderson Regional Hospital Board of Directors for 2016-2017 are Officers: Mr. Garland W. Certain, Chair,  Mrs. Sally Ann Sugg, Vice Chair, Mr. Phillip Dane Shields, Treasurer, Mr. Hervey Linwood Shannon III, Secretary. Members: Mayor Charles Stephen Austin, Mr. James M. Crafton, Jr., Mr. William Raymond Dibert, Dr. James M. Fellows, Rev. Mark A. Gibbons, Mrs. Susie Givens, Mr. Mike D. Hazelwood, Mr. Paul M. Hendrickson, Dr. Vernon H. Humbert, Jr., Mr. Wayne L. Jenkins,Mr. James A. Kemp III, Rev. David E. Latham,Mr. Timothy H. Lutz, Mr. James E. Phillips,   Mr. William R. Roberts, Jr., Mr. John R. Sides, Rev. Corey Michael Sweeney II, Mr. Frank Tulipana, Mrs. Cynthia J. Williams, Mr. Laffoon C. Williams, Pastor James C. Woffordand Mr. Bruce Woodring.IS IT TRUE that the financial travails of the State of Illinois have been building up over a number of years with no budget and out of control spending?…the stratospheric taxes are also taking a toll on the population and many of the more successful people from Illinois have been voting with their feet?IS IT TRUE according to the US Census Bureau, 450,000 people on a net basis have left the State of Illinois for greener and less taxing places since 2012?…it is the sort of people that Illinois will miss as taxpayers too because net receivers of social benefits seldom flee the taxman?IS IT TRUE those who are dependent on taxation for survival tend to stay where the taxes that they don’t pay are high so they can get more free things?…high earning taxpayers on the other hand often take their money and leave for more favorable laws?…Florida on the other hand has welcomed 750,000 new residents to their no income tax refuge from places like Illinois?IS IT TRUE that on a nationwide basis the economics are looking much better with the official unemployment rate at historical lows and the stock,market,at all time highs?…it should not be forgotten that we do still have 95 Million people of working age who for some reason are choosing not to participate in the workforce?IS IT TRUE that the percentage of the working age population who are living a life of leisure is at a higher level than during the Great Depression?…with over 10 Million published job openings and 95 Million people not participating we should be doing something to get these people off of the couch and into the workforce?…according to the Kaiser Foundation, 41% of adults who are not disabled are on Medicaid and not working?…13 Million Americans between 18 and 54 are on SSDI or SSI?IS IT TRUE there are 13 Million people who are eating at the table of the public but who are taking no initiative to provide for themselves?…these 13 Million need to be targeted with an incentive to get into the workforce?…the incentive that has been proven to work is the incentive that in a couple of months the free ride is over?…that will get these able bodied adults to work even if it doesn’t provide a life of leisure?EDITORS FOOTNOTE: Todays Readers Poll question Is: Do you feel that a legal  agreement was signed that will allow Deaconess Hospital to take over Methodist Hospital  the near future?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. This section is located on the upper right side of our publication.If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] FOOTNOTE:  Any comments posted in this column doesn’t represents the views or opinions of our advertisers.last_img