first_imgPut down the knitting, the book and the broom and pick up that double martini, because it’s Friday—and that means it’s time for the Lessons of the Week! We learned a ton of crazy stuff in the last seven days about Anna Kendrick, Aaron Tveit, Ruth Wilson and more Broadway stars we just had to share. Ready? Let’s go!Anna Kendrick Works Hard For Her…$1.91Broadway is the gift that keeps on giving for Anna Kendrick—after starring in High Society as a kid, those royalty checks keep rolling in. For $1.91. Wow, Anna, that chunk of change could buy you a slice of dollar pizza from 2 Bros., 1/6 of a Chipotle burrito or…a magic bean. Can we interest you in a magic bean?Aaron Tveit Is Alive, He Is So Alive!Tveitortots, brace yourselves: we have good news and bad news. The bad news is the Assassins star will be cutting out of the London run early. But the good news? He’s leaving to shoot more episodes of Graceland, meaning (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched season two yet) his character Mike Warren is probably not dead after all! Yaay!Girdles & Grey Wigs Are So In For 2016We knew when 20th Century Fox got in on the Broadway game, a Mrs. Doubtfire musical was right around the corner! Rob McClure, hope you like granny sweaters. And don’t think you’re getting off easy, Norbert Leo Butz—Tootsie’s got your name all over it! Maybe you guys can go on a shopping spree at Dress Barn together.Ruth Wilson Was a Horse-Loving ClownBefore she was the star of The Affair and Constellations, Ruth Wilson earned her stripes in acting school, where she did all sorts of important acting exercises. You know, the usual things, like dressing up like a circus clown and “sexually pleasuring” a make-believe horse. Stuff like that.Vanessa Hudgens Is Repeating Senior YearJust when we thought Vanessa Hudgens had finally graduated to more adult roles, the High School Musical star will be taking her senior year over again alongside Julianne Hough in Grease: Live. But hey, at Rydell High, everyone stays in school until they’re at least 34.Wicked Has a Prison For Crazy DollsWe thought we’d seen everything there was to see backstage at Wicked, but we were very wrong. New vlogger Kara Lindsay showed us the super creepy jail where she keeps a “very bad” Glinda doll captive for all eternity. The great and powerful Kara Lindsay has spoken!Natural Women Don’t Need Natural CurlsThe Broadway hopefuls at this week’s Beautiful casting call had one thing in common: wild hair, either natural or, um, electrically enhanced. A few minutes after talking to one holdout who decided to keep her hair straight, we caught her frantically curling her hair in the audition room. Guys. It’s a show. You can wear a wig. Relax. (Get it? Relax? We crack ourselves up.)Jessie Mueller’s Go-To Dance is the RobotSpeaking of natural women (See guys? Jessie’s hair is straight and she won a Tony), Beautiful star Jessie Mueller revealed that her favorite dance move to bust out at parties isn’t the Locomotion, but the Robot. Hey, anyone wanna write a musical follow-up to Small Wonder? Alan Menken, we’re looking at you.Elisabeth Moss Is Not a ‘Doll’Jason Biggs had great things to say about his new The Heidi Chronicles co-star Elisabeth Moss (well, after he jokingly called her “kind of a bitch”). But when he said she was “a real doll,” he put his foot in his mouth, realizing it’s a faux pas to call his co-star in a feminist play a “doll.” Geez Biggs, this is Broadway, not the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.Something Has Changed Within Skylar AstinOn TBS’ Ground Floor, Brody, played by our very own Spring Awakening and Pitch Perfect stud Skylar Astin, takes his girlfriend to see Wicked for the first time and does a spot-on “Defying Gravity” riff. You know what? We’re through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game—let’s cast Skylar Astin as Elphaba! Who’s with us?! View Commentslast_img