first_img The commander-in-chief of the Chilean Navy, Adm. Edmundo González Robles, awarded the Order of Naval Merit in the grade of Commander to the U.S. Navy’s chief of naval operations, Adm. Gary Roughead, in recognition of his attitude toward and decided commitment and significant contribution to promoting the relationship between the Chilean Navy and the U.S. Navy. At the award ceremony, Admiral González referred to the great personal help he received from Admiral Roughead following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated much of Chile and its coastline on 27 February 2010, something reflected in the fact that his was the first phone call he received from abroad to offer support and solidarity in facing this tremendous crisis. The ceremony, which took place on 5 August 2011, was attended by the U.S. ambassador to Chile, Alejandro Wolff, and the high command of the Chilean National Navy. The commander-in-chief of the Chilean Navy expressed his gratitude to Admiral Roughead, emphasizing that “We owe him our gratitude for his ongoing and committed predisposition toward and interest in participating, either personally or accompanied by delegations at the highest professional level, in important activities carried out by our Navy, inspired by the progress of Chile’s maritime interests and focused on the consolidation of balanced and effective naval power for global or regional strategic deterrence.” By Dialogo August 10, 2011 U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Is Decorated by Commander-in-Chief of Peruvian Navy Is it Peruvian or Chilean?last_img