first_imgThe guidelines were sent over to members of Endicott Code Enforcement by supervisor to Endicott Code Enforcement and Fire Marshall Brian Botsford. “[ECC] thought [Botsford] wanted it on right away because he said he wanted to enforce it, and so they put it on for him to enforce it, but he wanted to wait until he had a chance to pass it out so that’s why we took it down last night,” Jackson said.  The post, which listed guidelines from March 2019, sparked reaction from residents of the village, many of them voicing frustration and concern. ENDICOTT (WBNG) – Village of Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson says it was a communication gap that led to trash guidelines being posted on the village’s Facebook page. Jackson told 12 News the trash guidelines are not new, but village will start enforcing the rules to help make the area a better place to live. “We’re trying to all work together to just clean up the town, attract more people, attract more businesses and see where we go from there,” Jackson said. “I think Endicott should do the same thing with their yards and wit their properties. Is this how I want to portray it? Is this how I want people to think how I live?” Jackson said residents will not receive violations or tickets, but friendly reminders about the steps Endicott is taking.last_img