first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error As in, are they ever going to win a game?History tells us the Lakers will eventually notch a ‘W.’ And probably before matching or surpassing the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers, who lost 17 straight games to start the 1988 and 1999 seasons, only to be topped by New Jersey’s NBA record 0-18 start in 2009.So there is that, at least.The question now is, when?And against whom? After five occasionally ugly, semi-competitive losses, the Lakers have showed few signs they are capable of beating anyone on any given night.Quite the contrary, in fact.All they’ve shown is they can get blown out by anyone, anytime.You have to wonder just how long this losing streak will drag on.You almost don’t want to look at the Lakers’ schedule.But since we like to live on the edge, we’re going to do it anyway. STORY: Will Kobe Bryant’s career end the same way as Michael Jordan?There is a win there somewhere, right?Sunday vs. Charlotte at Staples CenterCome on, it’s the Hornets. This has to be a win, right?Not so fast.You may not have been paying much attention, but turns out Charlotte owner Michael Jordan pried himself away from the golf course long enough to help build a decent team.The Hornets made the playoffs last year — they were still the Bobcats at the time — and even though it was in the watered-down Eastern conference, a pretty nice foundation was formed.There is youth, talent and motivation in Charlotte for the first time in years. With opponents rolling into Staples Center intent on kicking the Lakers while they’re down, don’t expect anything less than a thorough effort from the Hornets.The Lakers have little to give in response.Sorry, guys. I’m putting this in the loss column.Final result: Lakers 0-6Tuesday at MemphisThe Lakers have had their troubles in Memphis for years, even when they fielded good teams.The Grizzlies are 5-0, and as usual they are tough, rugged and vicious.And they love playing at home.No chance the Lakers win.Final result: Lakers 0-7Wednesday at New OrleansEverywhere you look, everyone seems to have improved in the NBA.The Pelicans are no different, featuring the second-best overall player in the game in Anthony Davis and a young, talented supporting cast.That’s just more bad news for the Lakers.The Pelicans understand they need to feast on the bottom-feeders to help keep pace with division neighbors San Antonio, Houston and Memphis. The Lakers, then, become a necessary punching bag for New Orleans.Final result: Lakers 0-8Nov. 14 vs. San Antonio at Staples CenterThe Spurs can sit Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili — and probably will — and still beat the Lakers on their own court.Final result: Lakers 0-9Nov. 16 vs. Golden State at Staples CenterI’m sure most of you watched the Warriors blow the doors off the Clippers on Wednesday night, right?So did I.Final result: Lakers 0-10Nov. 18 at Atlanta HawksThe Hawks are not that good.But neither are the Lakers.On the road, three time zones away?Just don’t see it happening.Final result: Lakers 0-11Nov. 19 at HoustonA back-to-back against the 5-0 Rockets on the road?Are we really even having this discussion?Final result: Lakers 0-12Nov. 21 at DallasThe Mavericks have quietly rebuilt a nice team around Dirk Nowitzki again, their 3-1 start thus far indicative of where they stand.Kobe Bryant, revved up by facing a fellow middle-ager in Nowitzki, brings it with a turn-back-the-clock performance.But he gets no help from his supporting cast.Final result: Lakers 0-13Nov. 23 vs. Denver at Staples CenterSunday night games at home after road trips are tricky, but with the Lakers sitting at 0-13 and their frustrated fans begging to remember what a win feels like, Kobe & Co. deliver with a double-overtime nail-biter.It’s a win, thankfully and finally, for the purple and gold!Final result: Lakers 1-13.Of course …Setting the stage for another long losing streak.center_img When the Lakers lost out on free-agent targets LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony last summer, then essentially cut bait on any other impact additions, even their most hopelessly optimistic fans had to understand a rough season awaited.But even their most ardent haters could not have dreamed a scenario in which the Lakers were this bad.By every measure, though, the Lakers are downright terrible. And just one week into the season, hope has given way to downright panic.last_img