first_img18-19LeagueRM-Girona1-01-2YES 15 of Casemiro’s 22 goals have been decisive in one way or another in the future of the match: contributed to win or draw (11 goals), opened the scoring towards a victory (5), changed the sign of the game (8) at another time or several of the previous circumstances concurred. Two other goals opened the scoring but the match ended with defeat (against Barça and Girona in two games at the Bernabéu) and Only five goals had no impact on the future of the match or the final result. Of the 21 matches in which Casemiro has scored, 18 ended with Madrid victory, 1 with a draw (this year in Champions against Bruges) and 2 with defeat (those mentioned against Barça and Girona). 18-19LeagueAthletic-RM0-11-3YES 17-18LeagueMalaga-RM1-20-2 YESYES 18-19UCLPlzen-RM0-50-5 YES YESYES Casemiro came to the rescue of Real Madrid in his match against Sevilla. Like so many times in the 21 games he has seen the door since five seasons ago he returned to the white team. A five-year period in which the Brazilian, despite acting in a position a priori distant from the rival area, has scored several decisive goals for his team. Case He has given Madrid 13 points in the League, two victories in Europe, he has scored in two finals … This season his four goals have been five points for Madrid in the League (three of the victory over Sevilla and two others in the triumph over Levante) and the draw in the first game against Bruges in the group phase of the Champions 16-17UCLJuventus-RM1-21-4 16-17LeagueRM-Athletic1-21-2 YESYES YESYES 16-17LeagueRM-Barça1-02-3YES All Casemiro goals 17-18UCLPSG-RM1-21-2 17-18LeagueSports-RM0-20-3 17-18LeagueRM-Malaga2-13-2 YESYES Temp.Comp.MatchGoalFinal Res.PGCSCR 18-19LeagueRM-Seville1-02-0YES 19-20UCLRM-Bruges2-22-2 15-16LeagueLas Palmas-RM1-21-2 16-17LeagueSports-RM2-62-6 19-20LeagueLift-RM3-03-2 YES 16-17UCLRM-Naples3-13-1 19-20UCLRM-Seville2-12-1 YESYES 17-18USCRM-United1-02-1YESYES YES Legend:UCL – UEFA champions leagueUSC – European Super CupPG – First goalCS – Change signCR – Contributes to the resultSince he returned from his assignment in Porto, Casemiro has scored decisive goals in all seasons. A first goal as a Real Madrid player (with the first team, before scored one in Castilla) gave a victory in extremis to the whites on the 29th day of the 15-16 League in Las Palmas. He scored 1-2 in 89 ‘to get the third of twelve consecutive victories with which the newcomer team Zidane finished the championship.In the last League conquered by Madrid (16-17), he scored the triumph against Athletic (1-2, 28th day) and the one who opened the game in the Bernabéu Classic (day 33) despite the fact that the game fell from the Barca side. Also the many who closed the account against Granada (5-0) and Deportivo (2-6).In Europe it has also been decisive. In the Twelfth he scored in the first leg of the second round of the 3-1 with which Madrid traveled to Naples and in the final he again uneven the game after the Juventus draw. Also in the round of 16, but on the return of the Thirteenth, he marked with which those of Zizou won the victory (1-2) in the Park of the Princes and sentenced the tie against the PSG (5-2 global). Too He scored in the 2017 European Super Cup the goal that led the victory (2-1 final) over Manchester United.That United goal met another of Casemiro’s scoring qualities: to serve as a can opener. The play that culminated the assistance of Jovic was the seventh time he scored the first goal of a match. A year ago (on January 19, 2020, also on the 20th day) he also opened the account before the same rival: Sevilla. YESYES 19-20UCLRM-Seville1-02-1YESYES 17-18LeagueRM-Las Palmas1-03-0YES 17-18LeagueLeganés-RM1-21-3 16-17LeagueRM-Granada5-05-0last_img