first_imgThough the Amputee Lone Star soccer team took our shame in 2013, the regular Lone Star will have to gear itself together and set matters straight in 2014 and beyond.Last year, there was constant report that most of the players on the national team lacked discipline, and as a result they could not cope with instructions.The Kaetu Smith administration struggled with such a disease and many occasions players could not keep their discipline intact and broke camp or when they were expected to remain in their hotel rooms, they went elsewhere.There were also reports that the players would not take instructions on the field of play, and as a result they did what they felt was necessary on their own.But mind you these players would come all the way from Europe and Asia, and South Africa. They risked their lives traveling by air to come to Monrovia to honor a national call. And this makes it harder to believe that the players are not patriotic or disciplined.Granted that there were players who chose to come to Liberia to see their families and use their time here unwisely.Evidently, there have no strong regulations on the ground by the LFA on rules that player must abide by. Though they are mature people, some sort of rules are important and they must be reinforced judiciously.However, the issue of indiscipline by players apparently developed from another source.For example, the process of inviting players from their clubs to join the national team by the Liberia Football Association may have to be looked into.Information reaching the Daily Observer indicates that information to players would reach the players’ clubs, without air-tickets.“There are many times that the players in this case would be calling daily about their tickets till they would be so frustrated,” said a knowledgeable official who begged for anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the issue.As a result the players would be defeated before he would receive a ticket for Monrovia.“The LFA will have to change how things are done in that way,” he said, “we cannot continue to do things the old way.”Once there are players abroad that Liberia can depend on for the national team, he said, “We must improve on the method to contact them and how fast invitations and tickets reach them.”Presently, the Liberia Football Association is not clear what players it will depend on for any future engagement.There are reports that a program is out taxing coaches to roam the length breath of Liberia to select their best. Until now nothing much has been heard about the program, and the days are going.President Musa Bility announced recently that a select side of players will be considered as the national team and they would be on a monthly salary to be paid, on a daily calculation.“You are part of the team as long as the player demonstrates his ability to remain with the program,” Mr. Bility was reported to have said.Though there are opposing views, many think a strong league could offer the best chance of getting the best for a national team.Whatever the argument is, 2014 must be a year of new and improved ideas to make things work a little easier if not better for the national team, Lone Star.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img