first_imgDear Editor,Over the years, there have been numerous complaints by the public about the situation at the Stabroek Market, mainly under the clock concerning the buying/selling of stolen articles (mostly jewellery, cell phones etc) and people being robbed blatantly there. Quite recently, one Minister had the audacity to go whilst someone was videoing her and question and have conversations with some of those gathered around the area of concern.During the period, the Minister’s position seemed defensive towards the men there and somewhat in agreement with the illegal activities being conducted there, while she criticised the Opposition and encouraged the gathering to talk ills at the same time.The Guyana Police Force, The City Constabulary and Government, among others, tried all methods to eradicate the sores from that vicinity to no avail. Now we see a Minister blatantly going and seemingly condoning the nefarious activities being conducted there.Her being there and being videoed only makes me come to one conclusion: that she is tired of hearing of police raiding there (which seems quite a lot recently) and decided to visit the area, ensuring that she’s being videoed to let those in authority know that she has an interest there (maybe with Government’s consent) and they must stop pressuring that area. Her action should be a cause of concern to everyone.Editor, conveniently, the late Abdul Kadir is being honoured for his contributions, which might be the right thing to do be for some, but for many, his contributions might not be that much to warrant him being honoured and there are many who accomplished more than him that should have been ahead of him, but conveniently, he comes first.Based on the recent outcome after the NFC recently, we all know that all the MP’s have to know what is going on before the sitting so that means everyone was in agreement with that motion. There are many people that deserve the award more than him and I am wondering if they will be given any consideration. One such person is Winston Murray, who was very much active in politics until his untimely demise. Ask most within the PNC about his contribution and you will hear.Like him, there are many others and some are still alive and I strongly believe that they should be honoured. Let them know that this nation appreciates their contributions towards the development of Guyana. I was privileged to interact with a few and learnt a lot from them and after listening to their works, I wonder why they are not being recognised.We have great men like Jeffrey Thomas, Oscar Clarke, Clifton Mortimer Llewellyn John, just to name a few. I have heard of the changes they made while serving this country, the impact and some are still being used to date. These men are very much alive and they should be honoured now, instead of waiting after their death. It’s comical to see a convicted terrorist being honoured. Great men being bypassed. It just shows the nature of thinking within the coalition which all members support.Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img