long tail keywords understand Shanghai Longfeng people do not need to introduce, but estimates real good deal this problem is not much. I have this thing and anguish, also try to use many methods to solve this problem, also have the effect, but I always feel is not perfect. This finally found a better solution. That is to use the Sina blog to achieve long tail keywords ranking, and then guided into the corporate website. Played Sina blog people know, love Shanghai’s look to the number of Sina blog blog. Select the Sina blog is a good platform, but also better than the other platforms, we combine the website when Sina blog is really a heaven-made match, to everybody below 11 analysis.

this blog business more than a year now, the weight is quite good, even some of the core keywords are on the home page. At present, like some website main keywords stone fish to join such popular keyword can row in Shanghai love home, so everyone in the business of Sina blog must hold a long-term mentality, to hold a breeding mentality, only in this way will be better with you. If you hold the hair of the chain in the Sina blog, I advise you or to hand. And you said the business, that is how to realize the long tail keywords ranking, as long as we blog a month later, the weight and included all up to the general Sina blog basically do not have to worry about included.

is a new web site in the red when the core keyword ranking, the flawless scruples of long tail keywords ranking, we all know that words are not the core ranking, website weight is not enough this time to talk about that long tail keywords ranking which is not realistic. So this time to set up a Sina blog more convenient, for everyone here, here we established the Sina blog estimation are used to send the chain. But if you are holding the idea to do the long tail keywords ranking Sina blog, do not send a link, because it will lead to your blog from search engines, so everyone in the business of Sina blog must have a period of time, but don’t look too heavy chain. A Sina blog I only in the home to do a Links, this page was never sent a link.


is mainly the culture a little weight, can pass the so-called new period, it is easier to obtain the trust of the search engine, so that it can be easier to obtain ranking. We just put the long tail keywords collected, not very popular kind of layout to the Sina blog article page, generally only need on the page layout keywords, general ranking basically not what problem. I like the local product is extremely strong, all part of the long tail word competition. Such as Shenzhen stone fish words a little hot, possibly within the page do not go up, but we observed data, can be reduced to the town, is currently testing a few words the effect is very significant. >

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