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Internet advertising is also worth attention in today’s enterprises, bidding has reached the point of a be in full swing, as long as the product is hot enough, it attracted a large number of websites for bidding, did not know to love enterprise Shanghai bidding fee has reached 80 CPC click once, and can laugh bidding fever, and television advertising have a spell. Now put on the advertising network alliance is the use of the small and medium-sized website advertising, the advertising pictures, text ads, multimedia advertising. If you can do it, not only cheaper than the price bidding, delivery precision industry website not only brings higher efficiency, thereby improving the conversion rate.

is to use the third party platform SEM promotion, the weight of several love Shanghai very high, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Wikipedia, love Shanghai video, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love map library of Shanghai ah, love Shanghai pictures, love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar news sources, such as the classification of information platform 58 city and so on, if we can make it into the home page is very easy, for some brand website or delete negative companies can use the brand keywords reasonable three party platform home possession. How clever the created to enhance the success rate? Just as an example, love Shanghai encyclopedia if the enterprise can write a professional language of the introduction, with advantage of the creation time, the success rate is high. This research can be a reference of successful examples, with 10 successfully created the Encyclopedia of comparative research, from Wikipedia.

love Shanghai bidding and GG is currently the most worthwhile, so how do the love Shanghai auction? Let’s start with the first step, first need to account for the construction bidding registration promotion plan, is carried out according to the classification of the largest enterprises, promotion plan can be generic product categories, the next is to select the unit. To the classification, is the promotion plan of evolution, can be carried out according to the recommended keyword promotion plan, select the appropriate delivery worthy of phrases, such as daily search volume is high but the number of price low, the premise is the key to achieve accurate, if it is on the network marketing training, then you can find regional + network marketing training, or network marketing and brand + training, third is the selection of key words, the front article has written, can review Under the above mentioned love Shanghai how to optimize the bidding. The next step is the most important is to use the keywords of creativity, the font can be discoloured with wildcards, can also be displayed. Instead of capitalizing, to attract users click. The four step is the most basic price, but also the most important.

for small and medium enterprises do SEM is especially important, as do the brand business or traditional industries, do SEM can not only avoid the negative appear on the home page, but also enhance the visibility of the enterprise, and reduce the unnecessary loss of customers. The enterprise of love Shanghai auction, Google Adwords are very understanding, so how to do the bidding to reduce expenses is also a worthy of deep research of technology.