"love Shanghai server problems. The server is modified time. May be attacked, or was misuse." So people have poker-faced explanation.


love Shanghai today? In August 21, 2012, love the Shanghai server seems really has some problems. A snapshot of many sites appeared significant errors, some even more than the time snapshot site on-line time. Shanghai love is outrageous.

[introduction] "in August 21, 2012, Shanghai love today?" in a Shanghai dragon search engine optimization group, so more than one person asked. "The site snapshot back to the liberation. The love of Shanghai is really busy awful." Some Shanghai dragon Er began teasing love Shanghai. "The love of Shanghai is not idle awful, is a problem with the server." A Shanghai dragon Er criterionsingle. Yes, besides, there is no other explanation.

love Shanghai today? What’s the problem? You want to know perhaps love Shanghai. So what specific problems may always be a mystery. This paper consists of: the original statement is reproduced, Xiaoxiang Yu Wen welcome to reprint, please indicate the source of the original link 贵族宝贝wangyuwen贵族宝贝/archives/560.htm>

"love Shanghai by 360 search scared silly." It was so careless and casual ridicule.


Since the

? Xiamen Shanghai dragon this station is not cheating. So the question is not to be loved in Shanghai punishment. Not because the site, so why is Shanghai’s own love.

website in January 4, 2012 does not exist, then click the love Shanghai snapshot appears what content? I guess there will be a Notfound. However, the situation is beyond my contrary to expectation. Click the January 4, 2012 snapshot, website content is August 20, 2012. It is yesterday.

This is why

such as Xiamen Shanghai dragon this website with the domain name purchase time is December 29, 2011, the purchase of the space time is January 11, 2012. Read the first article "Shanghai dragon search engine optimization" writing time is January 13, 2012. The earliest recorded time is January 14, 2012. But the love of Shanghai indicates that the website snapshot is actually in January 4, 2012, this time my website is not on-line, so, this love Shanghai snapshot is wrong, love is out of the virtual Shanghai. A lot of Shanghai dragon master will love Shanghai, love Shanghai virtual index weights, the love of Shanghai is not fuel-efficient lights, it will be the virtual love Shanghai snapshot.