– Web page elements but also the most active web page, the source, the distribution of links, the user experience will start from your web page, then from the weight distribution and user experience, breadcrumb navigation plays an important role in breadcrumb navigation not only tell the user’s own page position. The website also reduces the link level, from the weight distribution, breadcrumbs accumulated weight corresponding link points in a single page.


method to solve the difficult Link through

layout page anchor text in the corresponding page elements, and the anchor text of the page elements can not be the same, if you want to include text to reach 500 Chinese characters above, and pictures, reasonable distribution of elements on the page layout of the corresponding anchor text, and pay attention to quantity, under normal circumstances, can not link website page elements in more than 6 and the anchor text way of distributing pictures and text, the distribution of location for the bottom of the head – a breadcrumb – page content within the website.


website design in the breadcrumb navigation and page elements display

from the web site of the weight of the ultimate ownership is the accumulation of view list and anchor text import links – page elements.

whether you are what type of station, from the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the web page and website navigation page layout key or a list, from the site of the code is

label, then when Shanghai Longfeng optimize, the home page and navigation page optimization is the key, a list of keywords, list of forms for page elements (pages) of the title, but also can be said to be in the page links, keywords layout problems remaining is the home page of the web site, so the site home page and website the key is to optimize the navigation page list.

search engine


two, recently page elements often breadcrumb navigation

sites and the anchor text page display

1, based on the link weight assignment of the

List of

from the website structure, Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the link was the first site entrance and the entrance site links the N link, then the weight distribution of the site will also link to have a close relationship, finally summed up to anchor text links distribution on the site, but the anchor text links the distribution site can be seen as become keywords distribution sites, the N link of the first link and the site so will eventually fell to the web site keywords layout, this is also the difficulty of Shanghai dragon. Today from the page elements website and breadcrumb explain technical difficulties of Shanghai Longfeng weight distribution.

, a web page and website navigation page list page is

2, based on user experience distribution >