website is Shanghai dragon very taboo, under normal circumstances, do not do large-scale change.

does not adhere to the principle of cheating

6, do not easily revision of the website

chain is not a day for two days can be increased to a certain number, we need a long-term process. But also should pay attention to the number of the chain, outside the chain of quality, breadth of the chain, the chain of correlation and so on, a few days to write about this article. Especially after the keyword ranking, we will slowly to the site appropriate to add the chain, if a long time in a state of growth, so our competitors easily through the powerful outside chain resources beyond us.

4, the chain of

for a web site, the server is a hardware support. The so-called stability is of overriding importance, reflected in the server! If we are a web site keywords but achieve the rankings after, if you want long-term stable down, then a good server is very important. General access to fast, stable OK! Recommended reading: effects of server on the Shanghai dragon much


, the ranking is up, we also need to continue to adhere to the update for the website update and the possible number of high quality web content. Here the original to the original, if not the original Hongshou recommendation method: Shanghai dragon ER how to write false original article

The Update frequency and update

if we own the heart of the business site, don’t try to cheat Shanghai dragon behavior. If you do not understand, you can read this article: common Shanghai dragon cheating

website hardware support

to customer website do Shanghai dragon, as long as it is to achieve the rankings after, as long as we adhere to regular updates, keep update, not how the basic ranking. But now it seems this method is not used, the following Hongshou to talk about how to stabilize the website keywords ranking.

Keywords summary The continued growth of

if we realize through the website of Shanghai Longfeng rankings, we must pay attention to some of the points above, I believe that as long as good, stable position is no problem. Hongshou% >


3, do website internal links

until there’s an old saying, Dajiangshan easy to keep, and difficult. The Shanghai dragon industry in general which also can ah! We’re going to do when the keywords ranking, many will appear when the keywords ranking up, over a period of time will disappear, this is a problem that many ER is the head of Shanghai dragon.

according to the layout of our website, then do a good job of content and key link. The specific operation method recommended reading: how to do within the chain

2, the quality of the website


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