4, Shanghai dragon.

strategy is as follows:

let’s do a lot about Shanghai dragon small website is full of confidence, but a large website can have no concept, do not know should do? Perhaps or the application of small websites to push type broad website, actually this is not a precise action, large website promotion to the track and the details are not met in the small site. In fact, we know that to positioning and promoting a large site is a large project, I have to have a very clear strategy and Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization plan, the thoughts and a plan after we have very clear, how to make the change, and how to promote the development of the site are very clear. Now I will give you some detailed explanation of some thoughts as to how to open up and implement is a necessary knowledge of Shanghai dragon er.

)Details of the project implementation of

site location, there is a first positioning thoughts, is you ask your site to carry out the level, you need to get a result of what a range and you request sales, you later you would know how to carry out the next step, for example you a B2B website or perhaps a portal clothing travel site or chemical site etc.. How much is the included you arrive at sales, when you after a good location, you can even read the disc industry website (effective flow), then you can set the number of long tail keywords, then you should know what time to reach a number of website pages, is the original problem you will how to deal with, (for example, set up forums and personal space, with the two level domain name that can take the initiative to add a small amount of the original, you just need to protect. ) this is a rectification positioning thoughts.

why should I left Shanghai dragon manufacturing plan details a special mention in? In fact, many friends is to neglect this question, we know.


2, strategic analysis, when you after a good location, you will need to analyze the industry competition, the gap between how (PR, trans, included) you have to develop a detailed plan for your competitors, how to promote competition, not only limited to the search engine, above we talked about.

3, promotion strategy, promotion I said not just limited to the search engine, you can set up a cooperation strategy of the industry, for example, with a variety of portal cooperation, realize a win-win situation, for example, each other establish cooperative channels, can set up the small and medium-sized market concepts (such as you do to industry such as the hotel industry, you can do a channel for a small Econo Hotel by artificial means to contact them and ask them to put the material to you, you give them a free supply of website (of course you just a small channel page directory. You need to know) is not a lot of small hotel apartment accommodation is perhaps the site and there are not very professional. You can turn on the rest of the industry, such as the garment industry, many industry.