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crash on the book, this article the author’s feelings are very deep, I think there is no quick optimization, but it is a gradual process. We need according to different periods of projected data analysis and adjust our website optimization steps. We need to analyze and adjust constantly need to make continuous observation and adjustment. In order to obtain better development. In fact, many data in our hands, but we often are not reasonable to use this data. Below I to share with you how to utilize the data at hand for website optimization analysis.

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general promotion will obtain certain achievement, but the level of problem. And what kind of promotion is the most suitable for our site? This is every webmaster needs to take into account issues. In this regard, we can use the background traffic data information we have on hand at this time, we can use these data analysis of our recent optimization strategy, if brought this optimization strategy of low flow, we need to replace other optimization techniques. As the extension staff is always the most taboo is that their approach is the best, we need to accurate data to analyze the effect, found corresponding adjustment problems and strategies.


from the website background traffic statistics view which kind of relatively high flow and stability, we have another valuable data that visitors access to the page, a page which most favored by the users, which one page a user to jump out of the highest rate of users the in-depth interview and so on, as shown above, how we can draw from these data site stickiness. Then through the analysis of some of the content is what users love, this site on the contents of the adjustment, improve the site.


site of the Shanghai dragon all cannot do without the long tail keywords, and ranking of long tail keywords exist on the surface can bring some traffic to the site, in fact also can help us to find the web site problems. For example, if your site has a good record, but obtained by site content page flow is not enough, we can find out a problem, there may be a problem because your site structure, especially the structure of the page. The reason is very simple, because the site included high can explain your site overall weight is still good, so you need to focus the next transfer to the page structure changes.

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