want to learn Shanghai Longfeng more news, I added a lot of Shanghai dragon group, in the group I saw most of Shanghai dragon Er daily work is to publish the content update and the chain. This made me question: a website need to update the content so much? There are so many contents can be updated? These content updates to the site’s ranking to help


if your website has been updated 500 articles, daily traffic is 500, PV is 1500; and the competitor’s website only 100 articles, daily traffic is 1000, PV is 1500, but from the data of the two groups compared, the content of the website which is more valuable? The search engine will be more inclined to which obviously the answer website?. The same is the update, competitors update 100 article can get the PV value of 1500, and you have to update to 500 articles in order to obtain the PV value of 1500. The quality of root causes of this gap is the site’s content, that is to say each article competitors are almost all high quality original articles, while you are "fake". This article gives the user a very little value, want to improve the site keywords ranking naturally only in order to achieve a day dreaming.

in the content of the website about garbage before the webmaster harm, we must first understand what is spam. Similar ads on the website, website update and not related to the theme of the article, the content of the collection of high repetition and those who cannot meet the needs of users of the article, which is the most critical web content can not meet the needs of users. These people did not appreciate the content, accumulation of more will drag on the website, a website ranking does not stop in front of a murderer".

Many webmaster in

there is a mistake is to do the long tail keywords, long tail word is true, can bring traffic to the site.

updates will fall into a misunderstanding, that can not only make the content update snapshot is kept up-to-date, but also let website content increase, gradually improve the weights will give each page to a web page, and thus enhance the ranking of keywords. In fact, content updates will only make the snapshot is kept up-to-date, and not much effect to improve the keywords ranking.

all the answers are negative, only the content of the website to update the snapshot is kept up-to-date, and the latest snapshot of the advantage is that you can let the webmaster in exchange Links easier. However, an indisputable fact is that even if the snapshot of the day is, for ranking is still not a tiny bit of help. More worrying is that some owners to update and update the content, low quality articles not only no benefit to the accumulation of many sites, but will make the site appear negative effect. But the webmaster every day in the update is not aware of this mistake, so the damage in this small series and webmasters had to talk about "spam" on the website of the.