this order is love Shanghai drop more words search ranking, but also have a lot of data can be seen, mainly to see how you found this, want to know the competition difficulty, go to love Shanghai directly search the long tail word at.

in Shanghai Longfeng website or forum and QQ group, improve website traffic is the fastest optimization of long tail keywords, long tail keywords competition, flow line, easy to do rankings. How to exploit the long tail word? The small crane according to their own experience to share some of the long tail word mining method.

from the map above, we can see that there are a lot of people, through mining tools, here introduces two work > kotsuru

here is just a small part of the interception, all of them have 298 Related words, there are hundreds of search volume, but the competition is not very big, it takes some time to choose.


3, love Shanghai search

love Shanghai search is a beneficial to the user experience of things, when the search results not what you want, he will recommend you the relevant keywords around 10, so you can according to their own needs, click on the word search, so as not to allow customers to leave soon, a little pull away, pull to the user experience.

see, there are a lot of long tail word, such as how to mining the long tail keywords, what is the name of the long tail keywords and so on are actually a long tail word. Here is the same sort according to the search volume to row, that search the long tail keywords mining tools is the highest, followed by the long tail keywords mining. Can also be through their own portfolio to find a lot of long tail word.

promotion assistant is help for users to recommend keywords, as long as you enter a keyword, immediately to the keyword keyword out many core words, there are a lot of long tail keywords, but not with traffic search data and competition degree map, this is beneficial for us to get accurate data you can choose some of the large, long tail words flow and little competition to do.

for the background of Shanghai love promotion assistant

4, the long tail word mining tool

love Shanghai droplist, careful friends will find when you search for a word, drop out very relevant keywords, many of them have a lot of long tail words, but love Shanghai droplists have a drawback is that, most can only drop ten words, if you want to find a more long tail word, the you also have to consider what the core search keywords.

2, love Shanghai drop-down box

1, the use of