five: Shanghai dragon optimization only focus on the search engine, and put the user experience in the first place, it is very regrettable, this is often to you Shanghai Longfeng optimization failure foreshadowed, a lot of people on this argument is very do not understand, that is not for the sake of Shanghai dragon to search engine optimization look, how to do so will fail? It is not good for search engine optimization but can be successful, this is of course Overgeneralization views, in fact Shanghai Longfeng is mainly aimed at the optimization of search engine, this is not wrong, but the premise is not enough. "

many people are simply learning in the Shanghai dragon website, often also is not very understanding think he is the master of Shanghai dragon, optimization can fix a website, the website that is the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng recipe! This is typical of a love Huangyou symptoms. These people often encounter in the optimization of the initial site is relatively smooth, but a long time will be encountered thus obtained such problems, and even lead to the site was K, causing the site failure in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, here are five common causes of failure of

three: the site is not original, or is all of the collection, or is a lot of acquisition and good pseudo original, so just create a lot of junk information in the network, there was no help for the user, the user does not love, do not love your natural search engine, so every day to update the original this is necessary, but must adhere to the high quality pseudo original, so that it can improve the search engine friendly to your

four: gathering information unbridled, because a lot of industry websites, or information websites, personal Adsense in order to save time to update, on the use of the acquisition method, but this method in the process of Shanghai dragon website optimization is taboo, especially through the acquisition software is even more so, if you want to save the update time, can be used to manually update the software, or through the pseudo original is feasible! It can get quite a lot of content in a relatively short period of time inside the

: no good keyword analysis, choose some popular keywords in the website optimization, so that the word is easy to optimize, but even put these words into the search engine optimization of the home page, but found that these words are simply not able to bring traffic to the site, not affected by the user’s attention, the Shanghai dragon the optimization is failure!


two: in order to search engine to ogle, would affect the user experience, the keywords stack on the web, although this way at the beginning, it can let search engine heart, but if you just provoke the attention of the search engines, web content without merit, then search engine would you sideline, so do Shanghai Longfeng optimization must learn to optimize the content of the keyword density control! Add in does not affect the user experience based on

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