below, under their own post, wrote an article about Shanghai Longfeng article submission in A5 station network, website editor for review and put my posts on the home page, the mood is very happy, too long to see what the article was reproduced several websites, listen to the submission to the A5 webmaster can bring to the site in the chain a lot, but I’m disappointed that this paper not only has not been reproduced on other websites and even A5 is not included, may in fact be by many websites, but not included, so there is no way to display the results, to study for a long time did not find what is abnormal, the only with his title to write, write the title because the light, and is often used to write the webmaster friends. Another experience is that he encountered in the DoNews post, DoNews high weight, generally the release soon went to love Shanghai news source, but a few days ago and encountered a similar thing, his hair article, waiting for a long time did not love the Shanghai news sources included, analyzed the or with the title of a relationship, the headline creativity not enough. Here’s what the effect of the articles included the title of the method (is summarize, analysis wrong please forgive me):

, the title of the novel and have enough creative

title can not only attract people’s interest in reading, but also affect the included, the title of the novel and creative, included speed is sure to come very fast, a lot of weight high website, when we put the release will be found, it is the second, and some title flat light, even if the analysis of the reasonable, write more literary articles included are the same, or very slow, sometimes even not included, so we must be careful when writing an article, to create, write the title of your writing is half success (at least can be solved and read the articles included).

Three, word >

is the title of the article must be the one and only, the similarity is too high will affect the title of the article included your article, a lot of friends to write an article is complete with their own feelings to write, in fact, this is not the best, we can fall in love with the sea search, to be creative and let their articles out of the ordinary the title with others. In fact, we do original when can make good use of the title of this unique title will let you search engine.

the title of the article will affect the amount of reading an article, the title of the novel and creative to attract a lot of people come to see your article, how to become popular articles make their own articles, many of my friends also spent a lot of energy to think about the title of the party, is therefore to use exaggerated amplification technique, often can make one click to enter, this is not about the quality of the article, at least remind others desire to read the title of the article, in addition to attract others with interest in reading, but also affect the included.

two, the similarity is too high impact articles included

Some experience of