as an Internet company, most of the site interactive communication function, and the importance of the communication function, so it will be more care about how to through the website to get more information about visitors, for example the source of visitors, visitors and visitors to the age level etc.. Because only through continuous analysis of visitors, can clearly understand the needs of them, which can be carried out according to the layout information, so as to make further communication between the two sides, to achieve the purpose of mutual benefit.

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I always think the Internet is the biggest feature information can be spread, and the dissemination of information is not a one-way communication, but also is a two-way communication, interactive communication function. So what is the interactive communication function? Whether the enterprise in the website announced its related product information, but visitors can look for a message, or leave a phone number, so that interactive communication function of

2, what is the "hidden" interactive communication function of


during this period of time, the love of Shanghai bidding "network alliance" function as to join the site, possibly on Monday, Tuesday will flow over time after the outbreak of the tide, gradually goes down slowly. So if we can imagine, because we usually on Friday, after the Saturday rest, when this "holiday syndrome" on Monday for a traffic jam or many factors left.

= media website

believes that the website is equivalent to the media, whether it is engaged in Internet enterprises and traditional enterprises, will be recognized, however, the website media really can play a kind of function, so there are great differences between them will view and view.

as a traditional enterprise, one-way communication function may care more about the website media, or even want to own some advertising ideas through the website to spread out, but very care for the visitor access demand is not. The author of this period after the operation, may be engaged in traditional enterprises for a long time, one-way communication will exaggerate the Internet, while ignoring the Internet "hidden" interactive communication function.

I think the above is just a mutual communication function, and the Internet can give companies more useful information, and the information is often hidden. For example, when a certain period of time, which pages visitors love website login which column…… Although they just hurry, and did not leave a word or two, but we can find a lot of useful information from these browsing traces, this is called the "hidden" interactive communication function.

is engaged in network marketing work longer, or sometimes for some traditional enterprise website practices puzzled, perhaps this is the limitations of thinking. For example, I recently came to find a new working environment, although this enterprise in the traditional professional channels do very well, but there is still room for improvement for the network marketing channel.