love the sea called the new search mode from three characteristics. First of all, to enhance the traditional search interaction mechanism, users in Shanghai love search keywords without having to click "love Shanghai", you can jump directly to the corresponding results page, and with the changing of user input, search results page dynamic real change, real time feedback search results, which makes each search the behavior to save 4-8 seconds.

love Shanghai recently speed intelligent search on-line, direct words while to realize real-time feedback search results as input, to speed and intelligent prediction "two future direction of search engine.

According to the Shanghai

users in the search box enter The Voice of China "in the process of input, when half of the page will change according to the search keywords to jump directly to the corresponding page of the latest results" The Voice of China third season ", and users if want to see is the The Voice of China song", just continue to enter "Ge" you can get real-time feedback of results, the whole process does not need to return or click on the "love Shanghai".

also love Shanghai claims through big data analysis, user search behavior to predict impending intelligent personalization, and real-time content presentation. The search engine based on user input dynamic results, and dynamically intelligent completion and prediction, the interaction mechanism is more intelligent, while the forecast will be changed according to the user’s input history, experience more personalized.

love internal sources, at present, Shanghai love speed intelligent search has small flow line, according to the online user feedback to determine whether users across the board on the line.

if you want to search for friends dad where to go, just enter dad in the search box, fell in love with the sea will estimate personalized search needs to gray font guess users want to search results instantly show content. Even if the input is very vague, only a few characters "hhwq", the intelligent prediction will quickly transformed into the keyword "page show, never ever meet again.".