second, pay attention to the beginning of the article, many webmaster love hyperlink for key plus at the beginning of the first paragraph in their own site to edit articles, this approach has not been approved by now love Shanghai, love Shanghai think this is purely because of the deliberate practice of optimization, the author suggest webmaster is best not to add in the hyperlink in the article, if you really need the best in the second and third section adding links, such as the value of the content in the spider grab the link with their own, it is not easy to cause the spider love Shanghai.

2, modify the website mode >

in most eyes, love Shanghai website article is because of the good quality or the original article is, in fact, for an ordinary website, love Shanghai website within the article see not only the original content, more is to look at the structure of the website is correct, those who love to put a hyperlink in this paper, the anchor text and so on in the article now has not been recognized by the love of Shanghai, the author’s personal website to see how well the structure of the article make love Shanghai more easily included the article page.

3, the title to not cover special symbols, especially some of the $,%, &, #; @, "there are some symbols, symbols of love is not recognized by the Shanghai spiders.

2, the title can not be too long, generally in the 9-18 word best.

first, pay attention to the title of the article, the current research on the title of the Shanghai love gradually shifted to the content from the website, we can also see some suggestions for the title in the A5 submission requirements, to be included in the article are love Shanghai good, so the title of the article should not be too long, generally a the title of the article in 9-18 words is the best, is easy to cause the title and other content title repeat, this is not conducive to the collection, when the title is too long to love Shanghai spiders crawl harder, this could have included the article will delay to second days were included, the title of the article must be summarized. To follow the following points:

third, to the end of the article, at the end link is the most common method of webmaster, in this world is not what Shanghai dragon secret love Shanghai search engine also know this thing, before we put the link love Shanghai that is to keep your reprint link, and now in Shanghai that is deliberately link love optimization, so for this kind of article love Shanghai now rarely included ordinary website, I have a website that is, the link can be achieved without love Shanghai seconds, once the link is not included into the love of Shanghai, from which we can get:

1, with the same title can not love Shanghai included the title of article published in time can be put in the love of Shanghai will search the title, which is beneficial to the articles included.

1, the method of adding links to give up, if it is necessary to add the best insert link to the middle.