early, the company’s Shanghai Longfeng operation is very good, also support technology is awesome, keywords can also go up soon, the coordination of each department will be improved. But because of the late strength of technology can not keep up with love, Shanghai has repeatedly crackdown, product support also suck, so now many sites do not go up, the formation of a large number of customers to request a refund phenomenon.

How the

Shanghai dragon post need transformation

of Shanghai dragon?

in the eyes of many people, Shanghai dragon is the Optimization Website optimization keywords, to bring up it. Even some time ago, a friend said, Shanghai dragon is actually manufacturing waste, ha ha, see this sentence, I also believe in the smile. Indeed, Shanghai is indeed in the Longfeng garbage and the original two on the edge for a Shanghai dragon company, you have to write the original hard, or completely mindless manufacturing some of the rubbish, such as collection, copying what. I understand that Shanghai dragon is to make money, you do any of the purpose is to make money, Shanghai dragon is no exception, Shanghai dragon can bring much benefit for himself, in fact is in their own hands, you want it to bring money, as you can, as long as you don’t cheat. Diligent, do, not to engage in things, of course, the website will All is well., which is established in Shanghai under the condition of not exhausting love.

have done so for a long time Shanghai dragon, they also found some problems. Shanghai Longfeng early operation, almost every company, the Shanghai dragon operation can keep up with the pace of Shanghai love, what keywords, also have a good ranking, may occasionally have a few days a few weeks is exhausting, but soon returned. Such a situation is not uncommon, I am in the company is such.

I personally do Shanghai Longfeng time is not long, at this time, he has to reflect whether to continue to do so, in fact I do not know what kind of thing in the end is Shanghai dragon. In this afternoon, I want to personally say my personal understanding of the Shanghai dragon.

What is the

here, we should put forward the purpose of transformation is to ensure your keywords, make up more stable and sustainable in the home. 365 days a year, you could not every day in the home, but it is also very easy and stable. Shanghai Longfeng late transformation of marketing, it is a view of "I personally think

this phenomenon is why? Is our Shanghai dragon ER’s own problems, or love Shanghai algorithm can’t deal with the adjustment, both of which are in fact?, 2013 love Shanghai was updated several times the algorithm change, comprehensive anti BBS signature, such stereotypes, many companies are in use, is now fall in love with the sea as a cheat, as can be imagined, is we late the road, so the transformation is necessary.

transformation of Shanghai dragon?