I am a stranger, no money to buy a car to buy the money to buy a house, the house is in the countryside, only through their own money to buy a car to marry a wife, make milk money, learning in the university when the network technology, website building course, in the course of time on the site generated strong interest, later learned through the promotion of website rank to earn pocket money.

domain 4. domain whois information is the same, there will be no bad record, for example, before you have a web site is K, or did the illegal site, when a new domain name registration, try not to use your personal information. The same new registered domain name also need to check the domain name record, must not appear bad history information.


1. domain is strongly recommended to use贵族宝贝, do not choose a cheap domain name, we do regular station, a domain name fifty or sixty yuan a year, should the US can afford. The use of a large number of illegal sites are cheaper in the domain name, the cost is relatively low, the search engine will use these websites as illegal sites, if we use the domain name, is equivalent to entering the search engine blacklist library. Some people will say that some domain name ranking is good, then you are wrong, this site is the minority after all.

is entered, on a website, a good ranking will have the objective flow, good rankings to the site brought a traffic entrance, Everfount to bring traffic to our website. To enhance the website ranking, our website needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

3. whois domain name must can be found, that the spider can grab access to large amounts of data, the analysis found that the hidden whois website ranking than open whois website ranking to the poor.

I am a grassroots, after years of study and some people of course, summed up how to improve website ranking, we all know that the site has been ranked only after the flow, the flow can bring real benefits to us.

The following

the first point: the importance of the domain name

1. is the title of the site can not appear key word, it Chinese, the search engine has a strong word, a noun appears once, for example our website headline is "Tianjin decoration company, decoration effect diagram QUOTATION >

second: the title of the website

2. to the search engine, the length of the domain name does not affect the ranking, but the domain name is too long is not conducive to the visitor’s memory, recommend the use of a relatively short domain name, easy to remember, has certain significance. There is a time domain name, try to use the old domain, the new domain name registration to register a few years, for example in 2016 directly to the domain name registration renewal until 2026, the search engine will think you’re conscientious website.