for Shanghai dragon industry attitude

fried Shanghai dragon raise a Babel of criticism of VIP, a few days ago by the strange right down, all the keywords ranking were dropped thousands of miles away. A search for "Shanghai dragon training" naturally can not find its trace, but the stone yesterday saw a micro-blog information, love Shanghai is admitted to a miscarriage of justice, Shanghai dragon VIP commitment can be restored in about two days, that everyone can go to watch the news, I will not show. Today Shanghai dragon VIP really check the weight and ranking are back, love Shanghai uncharacteristically rapidly have many Shanghai Longfeng people surprised, surprised, we may feel a trace of resentment. How many grass root personal webmaster or Shanghai dragon kill people submit sites to love Shanghai, the purpose is to give their website "vindication". But what is the result? Everybody knows, is likely to resume in the lottery.

, VIP in Shanghai Longfeng recently very fire, taking into account the special identity of the founder of Shanghai dragon VIP. This station is certainly not what cheating methods, if there is no reason to drop right, then certainly a lot of people to doubt the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love what can determine which station is cheating up, so that a station was drop right will affect a lot of people. Second, the Shanghai love also want to show an attitude, that is as long as you stand innocence will also your innocence.


is the "handsome" owners of the site have special treatment? Love Shanghai it is self contradictory, it is artificial intervention obviously, for the love of Shanghai, personal webmaster don’t expect what equal treatment. But then again, it can not only consider their own interests to the small amount of data, too much. Love does not go to Shanghai by judge, whether your site has not suspected of cheating, is to buy links or keyword stuffing. But many of our people and the Shanghai dragon individual stationmaster really only want to understand one thing: why my website was strange right down, strange K station, siyeyaosi that. Back to the title of this article: Shanghai dragon VIP ranked the miraculous recovery of what inspiration to us, I summed up the following points.

The first point:

I do not know how many personal webmaster and Shanghai dragon people abuse excessive Niang, especially this year continuous station K events, and even a lot of stationmaster organized to love Shanghai for malicious click. However, in the face of personal webmaster and Shanghai Dragon World counterattack, Shanghai does not seem to love what it said, Shanghai is to suppress the Shanghai dragon industry, the Shanghai dragon market compression. The reason is very simple, Shanghai dragon industry bigger and bigger, the core interests damage love Shanghai more. Love Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng industry’s attitude is really a bit ambiguous, on the one hand to appease, on the other hand to limit. Of course, this is my opinion of a person, but the love Shanghai why was so fast? I think there are two main benefits of love Shanghai consider:


is still a little "ambiguous"