, as some have said, a site is not possible to optimize a person, because that operating efficiency will be very low. It relates to the team, since.

recently went to several companies to interview about business now for Shanghai Longfeng requirements, is now on the market for the increasingly demanding Shanghai dragon ER, I will write out the common point I met several times in an interview and share with you, as you see Shanghai dragon ER, whether to meet the these

some people say they are engaged in the Shanghai dragon, but the real deal only in a part of Shanghai Longfeng, such as update articles, blogs and send the chain and so on, not to the overall analysis of a website, so as to make a solution to optimize the whole website. So a qualified Shanghai dragon ER needs to have the ability of optimization is ZhengZhan, including web site analysis is not on the line when the market investigation, market, and early selection of key words, layout, to the construction of the chain and later data observation, the final analysis, only with these can be regarded as a qualified Shanghai dragon ER.

people’s energy and strength is limited, more than a dozen stations operating manual may also come over, but once the site increased, increased to thirty stations and fifty stations, or even hundreds of stations, this case is not artificial can operate. Then it must rely on software to help us manage these sites to more well-known bugs, and companies to develop their own software can help us website daily Shanghai Longfeng work. Some people will say that the software easy to use search engine punishment, this sentence is right, but as long as you stay in a reasonable range, and the proportion of control software and manual operation, will not be so easy to be punished. So the use of a qualified Shanghai dragon ER still need to learn the software, in order to improve the efficiency of their work.

we all know, people is not a single person from birth, there will be parents, relatives and friends around. So, Shanghai dragon ER can not be a person to optimize the entire website, also need the help of other people, such as: marketing staff, programs have the personnel, customer service staff etc.. Then it relates to a communication problem, whether you can clearly let the person know you want to express the meaning of the other, and you can get clear. Communication is a knowledge, remember hearing the phrase: "communication the key is not to say, but listen". So a good communication ability is also a qualified Shanghai dragon ER essential, once the whole team formed a benign communication, which can greatly enhance the team work efficiency, achieve a multiplier effect.

4. excellent management ability of

1. ZhengZhan optimization ability of

Good communication ability of

2. software using