Shanghai dragon

two, TITLE site frequent revision sites in the on-line before, as a webmaster must determine your site keywords and direction of don’t don’t let search engine wide of the mark, to guess what is the website keywords, must not accumulation of uniform distribution, determine the key words not because the optimization for a period of time without the results change keywords TITLE will also be changed frequently, love Shanghai punishment.

The original

four, Links good friend chain will give us help, if there is love the sea station K or drop right site must promptly delete your friend chain, if the owners do not have timely find your site will also be included, snapshots stop or reduce backwards, such as a web site malignant tumor, leading to the site you are love Shanghai punishment. Hope the webmaster friends can always check the quality of the chain of friends found timely delete bad talent market in Xingan Meng.

by Xingan Meng talent market 贵族宝贝

as the Shanghai dragon ER, don’t let your website ranking will affect your mood, if the site suffered punishment to love Shanghai to analyze whether there are several reasons for this, if none of the four is no cheating to stationmaster net and some famous webmaster forums to see if the other is a common phenomenon just need to keep working every day, for a period of time should be back. I hope I can share to the webmaster friends some help.

three, website content quality refers to the quality of the content of the article is original, whether it is love or Shanghai GG now to the original position is very high, only high quality content will bring help, and the search engine service is the user, if the content of the website is mostly collected from don’t go to modify it is likely to lead to not update the snapshot back or not included etc.. As a webmaster we want to ensure continuously updated website content is more important to ensure the quality of the content.

, please indicate the source!

learning for a long time, to see something about love Shanghai statement by stationmaster net as well as some of the more well-known forum, but most of the webmaster to love Shanghai inexplicable punishment temper, as a webmaster should be more analysis of your situation and not blindly blame. Xingan Meng talent market, summarizes the reasons of four possible punishment love Shanghai.

, a web server server instability is an important factor for the normal operation of the website can stand, some unstable server will know to bring bad effects to the site but in order to save some of the money or use these cheap servers, love Shanghai spiders to crawl content often not open, this website will be punish.