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search engine itself is the operational guidelines to improve search results, but it also hope all websites may follow the rules set by the policy. For the love of Shanghai launched the love Shanghai to share the original intention is to provide a better search results, if you deliberately brush this fraction tantamount to buying links, in the end you can only be a waste of money, there may be your site also lost.


: your website will likely face the punishment of the search engine

love Shanghai for sharing search results have influence, and this influence is nothing more than ranking sharing tools can improve social signal of our site. If you share this information with your station is not related to the trumpet, then it will promote to rank your site and not the opposite, there are more long-term detrimental.

launched their own sharing tools in Shanghai love love Shanghai share, the webmaster whipped up a whirlwind of love Shanghai add share button, many webmaster think add this button to help the site’s ranking, and share the number will be ranked one of the factors into consideration. As for the love of Shanghai share button for ranking is influential, the author thinks that the the time of its launch also soon, the specific effect has not been addressed. But we have to face an objective phenomenon, it is a lot of people have to move this crooked brains function, began to love Shanghai share the use of informal means to share the number of brush.

recently the author slightly checked to provide the service of information, found that there has been a lot of information that can provide a number of services to share love Shanghai brush. As shown below. But the price is not expensive. For this is not a regular brush share number, I think this is a black hat, is a kind of immoral optimization technology.

Shanghai times share this love brush a tactical still looks quite attractive, although we do not know whether there is influence on page ranking, but we have to say that the little finger in the search results of the digital can indeed play a role in attracting visitors. But I want to say is a method of using the brush is a kind of harm in a long-term optimization and site operation. If you go to brush the figure, then you have to face the following three major hazards.

three: this will mess up your site on

We assume that Another intuitive function

two: This is tantamount to a spam spam tactics


love Shanghai sharing tools, we can be shared through our page data to carry on the analysis, we can analyze what the content of the site is subject to our users alike, and willing to share. You can use these data to better understand your visitors to your site can better meet the needs of your visitors.