three, to ask: why? Because of the time I use this method also brought a lot of the chain, there are also many are reproduced, the quality of the chain brought by this method is good, ask the chain now the effect is still very good, I was at the end of the world, SOSO ask the other, I don’t have to do that, you can try to do, will find its benefits. Although there is no chain of soft Wen brought about by the high quality, but also can not be overlooked.

high quality the chain is crucial for a website, sometimes I analyze competitor’s website of Shanghai Longfeng data, found that some sites outside the chain is not much, only a few hundred YAHOO outside the chain, the chain is only more than 1 thousand love Shanghai. Of course, maybe you will say the chain has so much, but our competition is very intense, at the home site outside the chain of YAHOO most peers are more than 1 thousand, love is the chain of several thousand Shanghai. But there is a part of the chain is not much of the ranking is also very good indeed? This time I made a careful analysis of the chain of the other party, found that the quality of the chain is very high. 1 Top 10 people outside the chain of the chain, so the keyword ranking will be so good.

how to obtain the high quality the chain

two, carefully blog: now many people say the chain blog has little effect, and easy to be sealed, but according to my own experience, the blog effect is very big, if you grasp, will never be closed, like a station of my own, have 10 a few blog when I just started a blog, and not to send the chain, but the original and pseudo original, such as the blog included before I put the link, but I also not every article put links, but separated one or two put, like now I love Shanghai space link is also good, the effect is also good, now for half a year, has not yet been sealed, so it is important in grasp, a good grasp of the degree, no problem, if you keep a good blog, bring the optimization of the website later benefits are immeasurable.

four, high quality friendship connection: if you analyze my site Links, you must be surprised, I do site was less than 3 months, but the return of the chain, there are 3 PR5, 2 PR4, a PR3, you must say that high PR station clouds are right, that is wrong, PR>


, Journal of mental activities contribute a fee, to be honest, the Shanghai dragon, is the relatively high technical requirements, of course, this technology is superb literary talent and deep hole on the Shanghai dragon solution. If you write an article and then take the weight of the high site to vote, if approved, this reprint volume is very high, a high amount of reproduced, creates a lot of the chain, the chain is the high quality of the chain, is affixed to the top post to the forum simply can not be compared, through the audit on the one hand to let others learn something, on the one hand to bring the benefits of their own, Why not?? of course, can through the audit is up to you.