ranking drop means rankings, at this time his algorithm is not changed, it will make him do not meet this algorithm’s website, page, ranking will be reduced, then he will put some in line with the existing algorithm, with the original alternative user experience site. For example, you are most concerned about the industry (you do industry), the top rankings are gone. The big boys are invisible, is not these data can give us hints.

article is a key to guide you to open the treasure in the treasure house of knowledge, there may be a lot of things, there may be gold everywhere, there may be beautiful or handsome like clouds. You may see the outdoor Taoyuan, regardless of what is what you see, half acres of farmland the sole purpose is to teach you how to open the door. Let you feel Shanghai dragon is very funny.

How do we deal with the new


3, keywords ranking factors (exclusion)

search engine ranking is what is the most important factor, for example, keywords ranking which is composed of: nothing more than within the chain, the chain, flow, site click rate, bounce rate (with flow), the quality of the page, residence time, content recognition degree, page popularity. Inside each with emphasis, we no matter he has thousands of factors. He for the station is the main content quality, content duplication, page content correlation, grasping recognition degree, user retention time and bounce rate.

2, concern the webmaster circle of exchange

love Shanghai webmaster announcement, is the official, the official announcement of his just these actions, in order to avoid scandal made an explanation. When you see the official announcement, for we do the Shanghai dragon all night. And what is more, the official announcement came out for half a year, his algorithm has not come out, if you go ahead for the algorithm to operate, we are doing. So we have to find his algorithm changes, is the best place in the webmaster circle of exchange, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ group, and some is our own attention

capture recognition: search engines can successfully capture, stability, shielding, JS script, pictures, website structure friendly, content repetition, as long as he is not identified, the user does not.


1, the existing website ranking changes

search engine algorithm innovation, you need to find the new algorithm to deal with! If you have not found it is no good, we say that the new algorithm, I believe that any one person to ask, what is the latest algorithm, no one can accurately answer. That is to say that the new algorithm is called, we just said a word. But whether he has tracked, according to my many years of experience, he is tracked. How do we find the search engine algorithm has found many ways to change?