whether the chain or the Shanghai dragon Er is the pursuit of website traffic and user viscosity. However, for some business owners, they do not love these abstract concepts, they want to see is the site keywords ranking. Optimization means what way does not matter, the most important thing is our understanding of the spider, to understand the rational distribution of keywords. The following is the six point Xiaobian summary about Shanghai Longfeng keywords layout method.


Keywords /

sixth, website key thesaurus, although now the love of spiders in Shanghai on the site key vocabulary weight has been very low, but in fact we still love to do these settings, one of the factors is sometimes achievement website details.


in time, we should pay more attention to the site in the title and discription sections, this is the first part of the spider crawling into the site. For some do not need to pay special attention to the web page, we can use the nofollow tag details. Shanghai Longfeng keyword layout, we want to know, you do the others do, you have to do the others didn’t do it, in order to win. If the details determine success or failure, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the most typical.


second, on the inside pages of the site, each section of the web site page is also relatively high weight ", key words here must also be the emergence of web site. According to the contents of the website, keywords and keywords in order to change, keyword selection and column page similar placed in front of.


first, in the front page of the site, it is the weight page of the website, is the keyword must exist, to try to put in front of keywords.




fifth, H1, H2 ", this label belongs to the spider sensitive label, will attract spider crawling, and each page H1 tag is included in the best place, this is the best place to do keywords.

fourth, the first position in HTML, this position is very important, especially for the site when did not add discription description ", the search engine spiders will automatically be the text of the first sentence as" the statement.


third, in the BODY section of the site, this part is the full page, here the search engine spider has its recognition algorithm, here we do website main keywords may be the front, increasing the initial density of keywords.