Lang Shanghai dragon optimization wrote about "a degree these years commonly used deceptive skill and tricks", are interested can go to the Shanghai children’s personal WeChat public number a-lang optimization dragon I look, will be updated weekly on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion of dry cargo or personal knowledge of some opinions and experience in website optimization and promotion of Shanghai Longfeng summary.

: submit web search engine links to Webmaster Platform, here a Shanghai dragon optimization does not do too much introduction. You may not be submitted to the website chain search engine, but submitted to the search engine website chain platform is should, under normal circumstances the search engine platform is processed, very few exceptions will happen.

of course, here is not to promote their individual WeChat public number, the most important is to tell you, if you encounter a Shanghai dragon optimization meet the similar problems, you have encountered after the website there is a large number of Web links, and search engines do not deal with your site links, you are very anxious want to deal with the problem as soon as possible when the website links. There are two kinds of optimization Lang Shanghai Longfeng approach can help you solve your website links included problems, let search engines to quickly dispose of your site links, to avoid the search engine drop right punishment on the website. So the website chain have what good method? What are the treatment site chain

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do not know have personal Adsense or enterprise website operators to promote the management and optimization of a Shanghai dragon, has recently been again for the site after the revision of the website chain has not loved Shanghai search engine website links and delete processing has been fretting have been trying to solve the problem of the chain website and Chafanbusi.! dead chain website, has been slow to deal with search engine platform, the new content after the website also has not seen the update included, as the site of the operation optimization of staff, like on the hot pot ant –

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in second ways: report to the search engine, search engine to love Shanghai, other search engines is the same way, such as user love Shanghai report center by clicking on the page, as shown below in accordance with the page, click on the other reporting section, and then click on the other, in the description of the input box, can truthfully fill in according to their own needs. Our purpose is to delete the site inside the chain, the description of the problem can be written as "website has been revised, the original web content has ceased to exist, can be deleted after reincluding content after the revision of the new." The search engine platform to receive the report content that will be its original URL chain to delete processing.

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