before we through the chain of love, love Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, know love experience do have little effect, love Shanghai ruthless with the nofollow label; more love to do webmaster forum signature will run out, A5, Chinaz and other large station long nets have been canceled forum signature the webmaster, heart is cold.

1, soft

remember 4.25 love Shanghai re released the chain after judgment, this part of the work of the chain as if there is not much improvement, more owners because it could not find a good outside chain resources and give up the release of the chain, this is a very extreme behavior, although the chain is no longer so it is simple, but for the importance of the website to be worse than before, but the webmaster, you give up the chain, the ranking of the site what changes? Don’t let website ranking drop right! The number of the chain work requirements no longer, the quality of the chain to become the site of the biggest influence factors. How in the chain difficult circumstances, to obtain the high quality of the chain. This requires an understanding of how to find the high quality the chain

, still occupy a dominant position, I can say that even if the changing love Shanghai algorithm, the soft position will not change. Because the search engines need to share the soft effect, just outside the chain at the same time, flow rate and obvious to people to bring their own soft, even soft is dull and boring, but soft, the sense of accomplishment and a sense of identity, only to write text to the webmaster can be.

share a resource is also very important, the use of this method to get the attention of others, not only has a certain level of credibility will establish reputation for the brand. We should first learn is to learn to share, just like the word "to the roses, hand left.


as the reprint rate is still an important way to bring the chain, the daily post, about a week can take the 400~500 chain.

2, to share, to be able to share


don’t complain, don’t complain, turn to think, love Shanghai is to purify the Internet and constantly changing the algorithm, actually is to help our love Shanghai. He will not be the way we sealed, he is in the guidelines we have to choose another way, which needs us to explore their own.

last month, work must continue not? In the optimization of leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 site, the chain received urgent notice, the chain resources that I was going to find high quality at the same time, using the method of these resources and the chain of love in Shanghai can not judge a conflict, otherwise there is no effect that may be counterproductive. In this month of the author is to choose a suitable chain of their own resources, to share with you here, maybe we can make up for my lack of.