chain: the chain growth rate and loss rate to meet the standards of search engine, we should pay attention not to sometimes one day send hundreds of articles in the hair of the chain, sometimes a day are not uniform, to send the chain, such as your hair every day 40-60, so every day these, of course, this is not absolute, you do not rest for a few days is not the problem, the number of principles is the site of the chain to a parabola, why would a parabola like it, because in addition to you every day outside the chain to add links, every day will lose the link, such as some articles or posts the link is deleted, the closure of the site, there is a search engine you send outside the chain of articles deleted, along with you.

Our website is mainly

original + the chain, update the content of the website is to be done, and outside chain is an eternal topic, the content of your daily updates to the site will be ranked, add the chain will have ranking, if you want the key words on the front page is to update the content and add the chain the chain has important effects on the website ranking, several forms below I will make the outside chain.

URL links form, this form is able to transfer the weight, so how to pass over the distribution of weight, is distribution according to need, your keywords web page will be more or less assigned to some, even sometimes column page and the inside pages will be transmitted to a point, when doing is around key words when no key words better than the surrounding. If your writing is good, so the user can enter your site through this link, increased traffic.

note that we do in the pure text outside the chain to put some of your site around the keywords, or your soft Wen content and theme, is to increase the correlation, the effect would be better.

form text is to improve the site weight of the worst link, he could not transfer the weight, but can attract spiders to crawl the site, increase the frequency of the spider crawling site, increase the site’s exposure rate, a webmaster friend of mine made a test, is a new station only added a pure text the chain is in place, the results after 2 weeks of the new station was collected, the pure text links is also able to attract spider crawling, this form if there are a large number of links can also improve the site’s weight. A website I had increased the amount of pure text links included a substantial increase, then the test several times, each time included will increase a lot, like pure text outside the chain there is a role.

chain is divided into plain text, URL links, and the anchor text form.


anchor text link, this link is the most love, he can not only improve the weight of the website, but also can improve the site keywords ranking, we want to be ranked as PR is certainly important, but the ultimate goal is of course website ranking.

Note the