first, to reduce the "stereotyped writing" of the update. A lot of industry website, website update, love is the transcription, some data in the industry, as the website content updates, and a corporate website optimization staff chat, he said such a sentence: "today updated in the last chapter, what about tomorrow?" I also for his work.

!We know that

, a valuable corporate website is to bring the benefit to the enterprise, the enterprise not to spend money to buy a "face job", so, website promotion can not be let down, content updates from the user’s point of view to do, remove the "pseudo original", how to provide the enterprise website website high quality content of



as an important job of website promotion, website content update is the webmaster has been in "pain points", one is the original content updated on the website of the optimization effect is obvious, the two is the original content of real authentic belongs to the "creative" work, it is difficult to adhere to high quality content. In the "grassroots" era, the cash strapped grassroots webmaster, select a shortcut in the website content update, that is from the larger web search related content, then a "pseudo original", relatively pure reprint, the pseudo original do good, easily indexed by search engines, but there is a fatal weakness, that is the user experience poor


in the passage of time, Internet plus era, traditional companies also began to force the Internet, how to make the enterprise website play the largest role in business promotion or different, because, for some well-known enterprises, as long as the line on the website, "the official certification", it is easy to be discharged in Shanghai love home, and relatively many government the site, although once accused of "zombie website", but still maintain a high weight. So, these well-known enterprises not particularly keen to update the website content, but more love will be big promotion expenses into third party platform, while ignoring their own land "farming and weaving". For some well-known enterprises hope to get through the Internet, and more interested in short-term benefits, so the use of some key words, do for advertising, or internet marketing will be handed over to the company’s website, update the content on the site in the same state of contempt. If you do this, is there some enterprise website marginalized have the order reversed, and become "chicken ribs"? Some enterprises also pay attention to web site content updates, however, they are more emphasis on the traditional pseudo original, pseudo original thought has the advantages of low cost, simple, suitable for the enterprise website Savage growth! These are wrong, website is there a business based on the Internet, is a corporate image and face, if the enterprise site optimization, provide high quality content, exquisite picture, access to users, will have a very good impression of perception, of course, the enterprise website promotion is a slow process, but only the "slow" can we truly reflect an enterprise has the "conservation", to the enterprise culture show in front of the user