3, the construction of the chain

07,08 can be said to be "content is king" era, to go to buy some chain casual hair blog forum links are generally able to get good rankings. This time love Shanghai the content is related to the degree of recognition is not too good, leading to a lot of people using the SNS site articles or QQ within the space of this article by adding keywords made their own web content to publish. Love Shanghai included very well, of course, ranking is long very quickly. Make a traffic site is 2,3 months. Now the situation is just the opposite, with the content of the flood, although Shanghai has no love for content recognition is very smart, but it has cut the original content in the ranking score proportion is not so important, send some articles every day or 32 days send some articles, because enough! Flood acquisition and update the software, your hair more is not necessarily a good thing. May be considered a waste station

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2, do website structure, keywords and chain

this is the most basic station optimization, I believe that most people understand. Here is simple to say the structure as simple as possible, focus your content, highlight your latest content, website directory clear, flat, named filename is best for simple pictures, marking to do outstanding keywords. Keywords layout optimization focuses on the distribution of left under the. The chain and the label is a complicated thing, one by one to do, also is very useful.

5, keep the server speed stability

of Shanghai Longfeng things rather than the pure technology as it is a kind of thought, of course, the technical content is certain, but we believe that through learning to master the basic. In my opinion only technology to realize the purpose of the tool only, like in the hands of you on the battlefield of the knife, although there is a knife but does not guarantee that you can kill the enemy, knife is the most basic tool, how to use the knife is the most critical. The true story of the book

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1 update to the appropriate

4, observe your opponents website

I feel simply the so-called chain is to make your website to spread on the internet. This is the priority among priorities, pondering pondering, try to make your website on the Internet, this will require your long line operation experience, don’t look down on this foundation work, when you do down will be benefited. You know more about the true meaning of Shanghai dragon! Common way: exchange links, buy links, text, blog, forum posting and reply, micro-blog QQ group communication, dissemination and so on. One can also go to buy some soft paper when appropriate.

observe your opponent, a good place for his do you also do analysis his disadvantage you treat him well!