content is king, the chain for the emperor. The importance of the chain needless to say, many webmaster do Shanghai dragon in considering how to do high weight chain efforts, Links nature is a very simple and direct method of high weight chain. Buy links, and their links to the ratio of days and months multiplying easily, as easy as blowing off dust can get PR and Shanghai are high weight outside the chain of love. However, with the continuous development of market links, many issues are not as simple as we imagine, businesses their link service packaging more glamorous. The market is so, there is a chance, there are also risks. If you don’t improve the ability to identify their own, buy Links is easy to lose. Today, fat brother will share with you in the purchase of their own Links skills.


a PR for 6 sites included the number only 223. Here, we can ignore the PR value of the site completely, after all the love of Shanghai occupy most of the domestic market share. With the love of Shanghai data is more authentic. Through the love of Shanghai the weights of the query, the site of Shanghai love weight is 0, collection of historical records, also has been around 200. A long update site, no love Shanghai website, a PR value, what are the benefits for your



two, the purchase of precautions before and after

so fat brother suggest that people pay more attention to the performance of the Shanghai site in love, our market is different, you can not change, to adapt to it, don’t be too serious website pr.


in addition to the purchase link rigid index website, also need to pay attention to the website of Shanghai Longfeng principle. The main points. >

2) Links number

link the index, businesses will be said very clearly, such as PR, included the number, type of industry. However, from the perspective of the sale link, we need to consider the historical characteristics and prospective development of the website. We often encounter such a problem, is the site of the PR is very high, but in Shanghai love included the number is few, and not proportional to pr. For example, the following web site.

, a study linked rigid index

links, when buying the most popular link, a web site can hang more than 200 sold links. It is terrible to think, one-way links so much, the weight of each site can get the transfer value is rare. In addition, the purchase of Links is generally long, links to websites that sell, often this month or 6 pr, one or two months for outbound links too much right down to 4. This and our link to purchase intention is certainly the opposite.

1) PR do not have excessive pursuit of value, love Shanghai