recommended reason: the southern city of this stream of people emerge, and Shenzhen also contains the advanced level of the domestic electricity supplier on behalf of the city, there is one set of foreign trade, people working in Shenzhen, will have the kind of positive, and the concept of time comparison of environment, this environment, for Shanghai dragon Er is worth try it, and we Shanghai dragon training teacher in Shenzhen the only big brother, have the opportunity to go to tea, learn something, Why not?.


third is recommended in Urumqi, the average wage is 1940 yuan

fourth is recommended in Sanya, the average wage is 2750 yuan

second is recommended in Beijing, the average wage is 4870 yuan

recommended reason: the author is more concerned about domestic and international developments, with the development of the western region, that everyone not unfamiliar. Now the domestic superstructure leadership has been advocated to develop the western region, there are two network into the local advantages, one is the tourist industry, a lot of fans love to play tour pal self driving, driving people are educated people, to look for the basic knowledge must be on the network to find, then Shanghai is the Dragon promotion of the key figures in the tourism navigation. The second is the many local specialties can also enter the network, for the national police, not a specific introduction of these details.

is the beginning of a new year, a lot of Er at the end of the year Shanghai dragon dream, or have a higher demand to the Shanghai dragon, will resign at the end of 2011, and the beginning of a new year, of course, is to find a better job, to enrich their knowledge of Shanghai dragon. Zhu Weikun will share some of Shanghai dragon city employment recommendation, collected in more than 100 different Shanghai City Longfeng QQ group data, make a recommendation, hoping that through this article to let more Shanghai dragon Er have good choice:

first recommended in Shenzhen, the average wage of 5300 yuan

recommended reason: the domestic tourism resort of Sanya in the top three is not a problem, but also love Shanghai Sanya search, the search was not to know how to metaphor him. The general level of wages, but its potential development capacity is large, the Spring Festival has just been finished, it was released in Sanya * *, the real situation may also be speculation, for marketing people, hold a degree. The effect will be better, anyway, regardless of the event, the consumer is charged 6000 yuan, Sanya once again into the dissemination of network information dynamic, Shanghai Longfeng employment choice here, personally feel is a very good place.

recommended reason: North drifters preferred, Grandpa Mao said, less than the Great Wall of non hero. Shanghai dragon people, milord mostly, so it must go to Beijing, wages are also good, when a return to the north, is very comfortable. Beijing Shanghai Longfeng talents are many, and the electricity supplier in Beijing is the national leader, working here for a period of time, is a great harvest.