1, technical reasons. The URL website is not standardized, not standardized questions can make a web site to produce a large number of internal copy, almost every content will have more than two articles to repeat.

what is the copy? How to copy the contents of the

?Copy the contents of

was also called the repeat content, theoretical definition refers to the content of more than two URL or the same high similarity, so URL may be a website, more is happening in different site. About the causes of duplicate content, it is necessary to do a simple introduction, so Shanghai Longfeng work when you can know how to avoid, as follows:

Shanghai dragon cannot do without content, no included no content, not included no ranking, it should be said that to solve the content problem is many webmaster and Shanghai dragon of the headache, to a certain extent to the chain is difficult, especially when it comes to professional counterparts, when writing are not familiar with the industry the content, just let Shanghai dragon want to go crazy, because I can not help feeling, do Shanghai dragon really vulnerable……

2, enterprise products Station station. Chengdu red earth studio Shanghai dragon consultant this most obvious sense in different areas to see the URL is not the same, when the service is almost exactly the same content in addition to the price. The products, agents or retailers often directly from the manufacturer of the product information will be reproduced here we discuss wholly intact, no copyright issues, what did not correct. The problem is that most agents, retail will be directly copied, in addition to contact other content is little changed, at these sites with a large number of duplicate content, the content of the high repetition! Great impact on Shanghai dragon.

3, website structure. Yes, sort pages in a large number of products in the website according to the product price, upload time, interval, reviews and factors, the same products have different URL, killing at least three or four page repeat. In the blog is evident in time and filing, the website structure created page version, the formation of a large number of duplicate content station.

, novice webmaster and rookie Shanghai dragon thought content so difficult? Why don’t I think, so many wonderful articles online, reproduced here right? This is the most direct and most probably it did not actually happen, however, the results of this approach leads to is your website full copy the contents of a large number of new meaning to the search engine, a new beginning is full of a large number of such content, basically announced your work site in Shanghai Longfeng failure. How about copying the content, what kind of Shanghai dragon how to produce, how to avoid, this is this article to talk about the topic, hoping to bring some warning to the novice to.

news website. My friend used to do a news website, he needs direct content generated by RSS, which makes him feel proud, because without much effort to get a complete.