"if you want to make a choice between good results and respect the privacy of the good results, I think some people will choose the latter." Weinberg said.

It is not easy to mix

in the field of search engine, Google has incomparable advantages, but this does not mean that the small competitor There is no way in.

The long-term goal of

Weinberg said, if you are willing to be profitable, DuckDuckGo. Thanks to the combination of Guangzhou Investment (Union Square Ventures) funding, the company has launched a lot of recruitment activities, but did not face earnings pressure. "We have a sustainable business." He said.

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so, all enterprises are competing in a user data mining in the world, DuckDuckGo is how to survive? The company has received venture capital, but its main revenue comes from search advertising, and this is Google.

respect the privacy of the user

lead: U.S. IT website CNET wrote today, although a small search engine has always been difficult to fight with the giants, but with the "continuous fermentation prism", DuckDuckGo and Blekko value of privacy and diversified enterprises have achieved good development.

in the search market, not only has the Google giants like YAHOO and Bing, the same strength can not be underestimated. But some smaller search engines but plans to attract users, through the factor that is out of the ordinary: peace of mind.

is to become the company’s comScore market share report of listed companies, which after a long time of hard work. However, in the ">


· in Edward; Snowden (Edward Snowden) detonated the "prism", DuckDuckGo rapid development, has become an important alternative to Google. The company is led by Gabriel · Weinberg (Gabriel Weinberg) was founded in 2007, a summary of the results from multiple sources, but it is the biggest advantage of privacy protection.

DuckDuckGo’s organizational structure is very concise, not facing financial pressure, but he also admitted that the company can be more successful. However, he is not willing to disclose the success of DuckDuckGo what is the meaning of. "I think the problem will not be too much." He said.

DuckDuckGo’s reputation from privacy policy. The search engine said, "not to collect and share personal information, do not store the IP address or" independent user number ", after a lot of data is used to determine the identity of the user site. In addition, even if some of the data collected, the website will not with any third party to share.