link on the site, although many owners also know the importance of avoiding cheating, but many owners in the actual process of optimization, it is easy to fall into the trap of cheating, because with the love of Shanghai and improve the level of intelligent search engine, the ability to judge cheating is more and more strong, but in the actual process of optimization webmaster a few years ago, possible optimization model is not a kind of cheating, but in the current intelligent algorithm, it was regarded as cheating, therefore, as a webmaster, it is necessary to carefully understand the true method of search engine optimization, so as to avoid the risk of himself completely optimization.

in order to let the webmaster can completely avoid cheating trap, webmaster friends must pay attention to the work of their own behavior from the following aspects, which plays a significant role to improve the optimization effect.

value of the first, pay attention to the content. Here we do not blindly request webmaster to do original content, because from the current network development, although the original will be very important, but a website is all original content is obviously not fit to the actual, for the grass-roots webmaster, it is difficult to achieve. And now love Shanghai search engine and there is no collection content yigunzidasi, we collected from Shanghai love love Shanghai news, the search results will see the same news at the same time in different sites. So, collecting content is not death, but to acquire high quality content, content to have the value, can help to the user, but the contents of this proper acquisition. That is to say the content of the collection should pay attention to a degree, not too high, a website collection content not more than 30% is good, if too much, for the website optimization or disadvantage.

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second, do not need to do the chain. Do site optimization, the construction of the chain is important, but if to do outside the chain, but also do not care about the quality of the chain, more to the quantity of work, although this way to stationmaster, also takes a lot of effort, and also need to do, but unfortunately, this behavior has Shanghai was identified as love is a kind of cheating, if the quality of the chain website more garbage, and the number is increasing, so the end result is that the site will encounter great difficulties, or even by the love of Shanghai punishment. Because now the love of Shanghai is an advocate of the high quality of the chain and the chain between two modes, which requires focus on improving the quality and relevance of the webmaster, the chain content, but not random over the entire chain or to serve as the anchor text chain.

third, the scientific application of keyword weight marker. What is the weight of Keywords tag, webmasters may also is not very clear, is actually a label, or bold, also is the keyword bold, then add H tags. Generally speaking, a keyword article number should not be too much, many owners in order to highlight the key words in an article on the one hand, will increase the number of keywords to wantonly, keyword density increases indefinitely, it is easy to love Shanghai as a "