4, the active site of

a website if exported too much Links, you talk to him, it is not what value, to a certain amount, as some special sale Links website, outbound links are hundreds, the Links is almost no value. Here to remind you that the sale of Links website and behavior, are now being loved in Shanghai against the webmaster do not map the time to exchange and buy.

The normality of

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if it is found that the site was linked to horse, or a lot of spam, this kind of website is not suitable for exchange, many websites linked to the horse in Shanghai love search have prompted the risk, in the exchange before you can take a look.

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This paper consists of: security

1, website

update love Shanghai algorithm, Links website content is normal also can affect our own website, if Links our website content is illegal, then the search engine to climb from the site of our website, our website will get a bad review, if this kind of Links many. It may lead to serious consequences.

we know the role of the chain is used to transfer the weight of the spider, if Links website is not active, such as the website often a long time not update the site, that love Shanghai to crawl the site is certainly not high probability, that from the website climbed to our website will have less probability, which we don’t change. Active can love Shanghai, the content of the website snapshot update time to judge, also can through the webmaster tools to check.

for the target station, we need to examine the stability of it, if a web site for three days two days can not be accessed, the Links do not do. We can observe it for a period of time, to determine the stability after the exchange. In addition, the exchange must be that long-term cooperation, some owners in order to cheat one-way links, often exchange with you after two or three days to put you under the link, such Links also do not change.

Links is a chain of exchange, Links is one of the most of the webmaster do the necessary work to optimize the Shanghai dragon Links, Shanghai dragon of optimization ranking is also very important, so the replacement of high quality Links is very important, what kind of Links is high quality small? To sum up the following five points:

The stability of Some

2, websiteSince the

5 site outbound links

summarized above, we hope to help the webmaster, exchange Links is a skill at all, such as randomness and Links correlation ratio control, these problems left to slowly analysis, we do not can go to watch some webmaster forum Links they replace, can be summed up very many skills.