Yeye Guo talk about love Shanghai encyclopedia entry, whether the entry can be set up, or to see the entry is not advertising, advertising translation is not necessarily too strong by, if it is personal name entries, through is not so easy, we should try to write entries. Stand in the public free writing perspective, this term is easier to pass, in addition to pay attention to the structure of entry, in accordance with the Shanghai love label to be a basic framework for entry, the entry is more likely to be illustrated by. But one thing is not good, there are a lot of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of sick people, specifically to people from other people hard to do on a link, remember that Guo Yeye had "love Shanghai" the daily index entries in the 900-1500 between the link, only stayed for more than a month, he went out to remove abnormal. The reason is to remove the advertising links, so when you add in the entry link, indicate the best official links and so on related words. The entry is not a can, if not by to love Shanghai to do that, such as the nature of advertising, if that is repeated irrigation, that entry is not rich enough, to be more content, in fact, entry can not pass, no skills, is with a hard spirit, a dozen second, a dozen times, how it had been.

have a Wikipedia entry, it is easy to know in Shanghai with love, although after several times to click to enter the target site, but the weight is absolutely not reduced. In addition to love Shanghai library is the chain a good choice, but now seems to love Shanghai library began to strictly audit. Guo Yeye used to love Shanghai.

everyone in the website weight and traffic trouble, love Shanghai itself has a lot of products have very high weight, I have to share today may become obsolete, but did not play the love of Shanghai peripheral products webmasters a bit value. A few love Shanghai home the most prone to interaction, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai space, and will be able to pay the love of Shanghai to promote interaction. If Hubei friends want to have sex extension in Shanghai, you can contact me, oh. Not to mention here for products.

The following

love Shanghai know, the beginning time of birth is very easy to add the chain, then love Shanghai strict management, and the chain is not so easy, but also love Shanghai increased audit efforts, with a IP to ask and answer each other, will be deleted know quiz, so to answer the question ID do not use the same a IP. In addition to the questions of the time want to highlight the keywords, keywords to appear in the best questions and answers there are more than a few times, don’t look very deliberately on it. One day a ID don’t do too many problems, more problems, will be considered as the Navy, finally will be harmonized in large quantities. Love Shanghai know can not add external links, just consider the internal links, love Shanghai encyclopedia entries will not be easily removed, so in the link, can make full use of love Shanghai encyclopedia entry address.