general webmaster website only one purpose, that is to make money. Make money to flow, and flow but also rely on the search engine. Say not good, most of the webmaster website to do is search engine, also including me. You say you do a website for the public to think, it is pure nonsense. Don’t believe, I’m afraid from your mouth to say that, even you won’t believe. Saying here, since the site is done to the search engines to see, so we must make the website search engine convincing, and even to conquer it. To conquer it no one share Jiangjin is not complete. Of course, there are stubborn stubborn skills, show you Jiangjin, do the following, adhere to a year or so, then congratulations, you should be successful at that time.

certainly, site rich in content is you a good head of prerequisites, so every update is behoove. Very simple words,

construction as the chain to

site maintenance to the stubborn

for the development of the site, the chain construction is a lasting and is most can test your patience. It is in trouble, because we need to leave your site links in different site. These include the registered forum account, registered blog account, Post Bar etc. some messy things around. That makes the construction of the chain may seem like a hassle, but you think about it, it can take you a long time? 10 minutes? Half an hour or an hour?? 24 hours a day, this time and can calculate what? Think about your site a day into the scene, think of you the site one day flow past thousands of the scene. Don’t this a fall, if you really can not stand, then I would advise you to pick up into home!

This paper summarizes the

site maintenance seems to include things a lot. Daily check Links, every day to check the dead links, add anchor text and so on a series of things. A senior said good, do you have a fantasy. I personally think that for us this is a philosophy. It is because of the illusion, inadvertently, we Jiangjin to fully show out, after all, I was in that day I will flow over a million, to the day of the income just to let my hair every day the chain, write articles, check the chain, take 1 a few hours or even the website maintenance.

update to the stubborn

writing is not good.

long term regular quantitative post is not an easy thing. This requires you to show your Jiangjin. I think the website why so much traffic? Why do people think the site daily income of over a hundred or even a thousand? Why not, because they have that you don’t have a share jiangjin. Haven’t you thought that one day he can have such success? I can’t believe you every day to update the article, after a year to see what kind of effect