A, linkbait articles to be close to the news topic, is not a new topic is not conducive to the dissemination of news, also want to pay attention to the close may be the subject of the news, by recent events, celebrities are good methods. For example, today 3.15 consumer rights day.

D, leveraging marketing themselves, to promote their own. For example, Shanghai Longfeng services, focusing on service content related to the news, in 3.15 can talk about the company’s Shanghai dragon services closer to the interests of consumers, let Shanghai Longfeng demand companies and enterprises more convincing, it can also meet the requirements of 3.15. For example, the consumer’s point of view, we can.

1, we must first understand and pay close attention to the recent news, and keen to seize these news points. For example, most concern today is certainly the 3.15 consumer protection, so we can write an article on the 3.15 consumer protection articles, of course and their related, so as to good use, for example, and we can write about Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon service, how to provide the most assured the write the worry for customer service.

B, news source platform, is generally not a news source is hard to love the Shanghai news source to search, choose a good platform for the love of the Shanghai news, such as A5, speed transit network and Chinaz has always been a good news source, if you have the conditions can register.


A, today I wrote an article: "3.15 love Shanghai what web services security first", we can see the title, because the release in Chinaz, speed transit network platform, has been included in the news.



C, the article will provide a certain value, the meaningless contents will not spread right. High quality content is also a good way to improve the user experience and value transfer. You put it must meet the user search habits.

we know linkbait making is a very good external chain construction method in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but when it comes to really do the link bait, it is not so easy, we need time and the accumulation of resources, and to accurately grasp the various bait, today we Wenzhou Shanghai dragon is to own a examples for you on the news source linkbait practices.

B, search the title "3.15 love Shanghai that web services security first" + "www.xixiuqiangwei贵族宝贝" chain. The combination, you will find many websites have reproduced the article was collected, estimates will continue to increase in the chain is also the day after tomorrow.

3, the news source link bait making points

Analysis of 2 cases: